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Chen Meng sweeps Hayata Kina, Guoping sweeps women’s singles top 4 | WTT Macau Championship_Wang Manyu_Final_Competition

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Chen Meng sweeps Hayata Kina, Guoping sweeps women’s singles top 4 | WTT Macau Championship_Wang Manyu_Final_Competition

Original title: Chen Meng sweeps Hayata Kina, Guoping sweeps women’s singles top 4 | WTT Macau Championship

The WTT Macau Championship ended the women’s singles quarter-final competition today. Compared with yesterday’s competition, the national table tennis players did not encounter too many twists and turns today. After the Xinxiang Championship, they once again won the top four women’s singles.

In a “team match”, Wang Manyu defeated Qian Tianyi 3-1. Qian Tianyi’s performance in this game was actually not bad, with decisive shots and clear tactical intentions, but Wang Manyu was indeed superior in strength, especially in the multi-board stalemate, and had a clear upper hand. After losing the first round , the next three rounds were basically within Wang Manyu’s control. After the game, Wang Manyu believed that both sides had played to their own level, ” They played very well. In the first game, Qian Tianyi was fierce and hit a lot of beautiful shots. Because she is really in a very good state recently, she was also prepared. She didn’t panic, and bit back every point at the end.

Wang Yidi defeated Zheng Yijing 3-0. The two had just played against each other in the Xinxiang Championship. At that time, Wang Yidi won 3-0. Although the score was the same today, she played more smoothly than the previous match. A 7:3 lead in one game was overtaken by the opponent with 5 points in a row, and then won at 12:10, the next two games hardly gave the opponent too many opportunities.

After the game, Wang Yidi also thought that because the opponent made a lot of mistakes, he won more smoothly than Xinxiang, ” The first game started very smoothly. After leading 7:3, I had a little fluke mentality. In addition, Zheng Yijing fought fiercely. After the score was overtaken, I dealt with the opponent a little bit, because I couldn’t easily lose the first place. Bureau.“Furthermore, after fighting Diaz for 5 rounds yesterday, Wang Yidi felt that his mentality was better, “I am not so flustered on the court today. “Next, Wang Yidi will face Wang Manyu in the semi-finals, “Whether it is domestic or international, we haven’t played against each other for a long time, and my goal is to be able to perform on the court. ”

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Chen Meng defeated Hayata Kina in straight sets. This score also exceeded Chen Meng’s expectations. After all, in the Xinxiang Championship a few days ago, Chen Meng narrowly won the final game by two points in a very passive situation. From 3 to 2 to 3 to 0, Chen Meng believes that the key lies in himself “Initiative”, she emphasized the link of receiving and serving: ” The last time we played against each other, both of us were a bit difficult to catch the opponent’s serve, but today we are more active in receiving the serve and following up. The game is like this. If you take the initiative, the opponent may make some mistakes.

The second game was a key point in the game. Chen Meng was chased by the opponent after leading 7:1. Fortunately, she withstood the pressure when she was leading 8:7, and won the second game with 3 points in a row after a timeout. “I think it’s normal for the opponent to change. I won the first game, and I kept leading in the second game, but I made some mistakes after she made a change. I think re-mobilization is a good thing for the second game. It’s more important.”

Next, Chen Meng will face Sun Yingsha, who defeated Szokos in straight sets in today’s game. Looking forward to the semi-finals, Sun Yingsha gave three words: new challenge

Women’s singles results on April 21

Women’s Singles Quarterfinals

Sun Yingsha 3-0 Szokos (Romania) (6,3,7)

Chen Meng 3-0 Hina Hayata (Japan) (3,7,2)

Wang Yidi 3-0 Zheng Yijing (Chinese Taipei) (10,5,5)

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Wang Manyu 3 to 1 Qian Tianyi (-8,7,6,6)

April 22 schedule

Men’s Singles Semifinals

19:45 Tomokazu Zhang (Japan) vs. Wang Chuqin

21:15 Alex (France) vs Malone

Women’s Singles Semifinals

19:00 Wang Yidi vs Wang Manyu

20:30 Sun Yingsha vs Chen Meng

For the men’s singles situation, please pay attention to today’s push two articles↓↓↓

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