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Chen Shixin: Quanzhou’s “Winter Olympic Feast” – Brand Viewpoint – Brand Alliance Network

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Chen Shixin: Quanzhou’s “Winter Olympic Feast” – Brand Viewpoint – Brand Alliance Network

Date: 2022-02-24
Author: Chen Shixin Source: Brand Alliance Network

The Olympic Games is a world-class show for athletes and national images of various countries, and it is also a “fashion week” for brands around the world, especially sports brands. This quadrennial sports event has achieved outstanding results in market development – 45 super brands have successfully signed contracts; 45 sponsors, 11 official partners, 11 official sponsors, 10 official exclusive suppliers, and official suppliers 13. Three of the big brands are from Quanzhou, Fujian, namely Anta Sports – official partner, Panpan Food – official sponsor, and Shuhua Sports – official supplier. There are other brands (enterprises) in other ways, such as sponsorship of overseas national delegations, the role of licensed commodity producers, and diversified participation in the Winter Olympics.

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What brand strategies did Anta, Panpan, Shuhua and other brands use to participate in the Olympic Games, and how did they convey their brands during the event? These are worthy of us to sort out and “review”.

Anta: Station high-distance communication system

From the live broadcast or broadcast of the Winter Olympics, the audience can frequently see the presence of the Anta brand—12 Chinese teams (short track speed skating, alpine skiing, sled, sled, etc.) in the 15 Winter Olympics wear Anta— With official rights and Olympic endorsements, the Anta brand has gained great energy and exposure. Anta tailor-made competition uniforms for the Chinese team, technology helps Chinese athletes, and perfectly integrates products, brands and concepts with the Chinese team, the Olympic Games and competitions. In this Winter Olympics, Chinese athletes performed well. The Chinese sports delegation’s award-winning equipment “Champion Dragon Suit” was built by Anta. When the athletes’ personal and national glory bloomed, Anta accompanied them to appear.

Anta’s brand work is meticulous. In addition to award-winning equipment and national team cooperation, it has an accurate grasp of key athletes and top players, allowing the brand to gain wider influence. The top performer in this Winter Olympics is Gu Ailing. As early as 2019, Gu Ailing officially joined the Chinese national team. In the same year, Anta has successfully signed her as a brand spokesperson! After Gu Ailing won the gold medal in the women’s freestyle skiing event, Anta quickly launched her winning poster and conducted a wide-scale campaign in WeChat Moments. ‘s delivery.

When Anta helped Chinese sports athletes achieve good results, it also obtained “communication materials” for many products of black technology, such as steel frame snowmobile shoes to speed up, high-elastic drag-reducing fabrics, and the same hot technology for Winter Olympics uniforms, etc., in various media. Online, such as Douyin, official account, Weibo, and portal websites, to gain more fans. Offline, Anta launched pop-up stores, champion stores, 982 space, etc., and launched various forms of winter Olympic ice and snow interaction. In terms of public welfare – public welfare is a method that is very recognized by the “indefinite demand” generation Z – Anta launched the “thriving growth plan”, and the smiling faces of a group of children wearing Anta’s big LOGO ski suits left a deep impression.

Anta’s fruitful achievements in this Winter Olympics stem from its long-term cooperation, careful preparation and high-intensity brand investment. From 2009 to February 2022, Anta, as the official partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee for seven consecutive sessions, has gone through 3 Summer Olympics and 3 Winter Olympics together with the Chinese Olympic delegation, including swimming, gymnastics and short track speed. 28 Chinese national teams such as skating to build competition equipment. In October 2019, Anta became the first Chinese sportswear brand to cooperate with the International Olympic Committee. In December 2021, Anta held a 30th anniversary celebration and a new ten-year strategy and sustainable development release event at its Jinjiang headquarters. Ding Shizhong, Chairman of Anta’s Board of Directors, summed up in the keynote speech “Anta 30+ Creates Symbiotic Value” in the past 30 years, he has made 5 major strategic decisions, the first is to be a brand! Ideas determine the way out, and the pattern determines the outcome.

Panpan: Strategic Release Social Voice

From October 2021, Panpan Foods will “cooperate” with the Winter Olympics test competition to provide packaged food for athletes, staff and volunteers in various competition areas. It is understood that Panpan Foods provides 32 varieties of packaged foods for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, including nuts, bread, biscuits, instant noodles, etc. These foods that have undergone strict third-party testing can be found in the Olympic Village, various competition venues, international Officials stay in hotels, state banquet reception sites and other places. Compared with sports brands that can directly “show their faces” on the field, Panpan, who does logistical work, needs to exert more efforts in marketing and momentum.

As the sponsor of the Olympic Games, the brand and products will naturally attract much attention. A brand person in charge of Panpan once said, “In next year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, Panpan will continue to increase its marketing efforts and carry out a series of more effective activities in combination with offline physical events.” Let’s briefly sort out what activities Panpan has launched.

The first one is the Winter Olympics strategy conference, where the brand has a head start. In May 2021, Panpan Foods Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Strategy Conference was held at Ice Cube. The heavyweight status of “Official Sponsor of the Winter Olympics” was announced to the whole country and the world, and Panpan’s high-standard food and high-standard quality were passed on through the press conference. Another highlight of the press conference is that the world champions such as Lang Ping, Zhang Changning and Sui Wenjing became brand spokespersons!

During the Winter Olympics, athletes from the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland turned into food experts, evaluated Chinese snacks, and gave positive comments in the video, making Panpan, another brand in the Winter Olympic Village, popular; on the Internet, we have seen “Beijing Winter Olympics 32 kinds of snacks are on fire, and Panpan Foods has become the exclusive supplier, earning 7.6 billion a year”, “Panpan Foods, the quality of the Winter Olympics, why can they be screened in the circle of friends of the Winter Olympics athletes from all over the world?”, ” “Panpan Food High Standards to Ensure Food Safety for the Beijing Winter Olympics”, these have made a useful supplement to the brand; I believe that after the press conference, in tens of thousands of sales terminals, Panpan and the Olympic LOGO were put together, It was shown to store consumers; recently, Panpan, a black-tech product specially developed for the Winter Olympics – freeze-dried instant noodles, is on the market, using “aerospace freeze-drying technology” to lock in nutrition…

Shu Hua: Equipment Supply Penetration Spread

As the official supplier of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, Shuhua Sports‘ fitness equipment and supporting services have entered the three major Winter Olympic Village Fitness Centers, the Capital Gymnasium, and the National Snowmobile Sledding Center early. According to the types of competitions and the central space of the three major competition areas, Shuhua Sports provides customized solutions to provide professional guarantee and services for the training of athletes. According to the official information of Shuhua Sports, “As early as 2019, Shuhua Sports actively supported the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sports of the People’s Republic of China to organize and carry out many physical fitness competitions, and successively built a number of national team training bases.”

In February this year, the torch relay of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off in Beijing Olympic Forest Park. Zhang Weijian, chairman of Shuhua Sports, participated in the torch relay, which was reported by many media. On February 10, an article titled “Winter Olympics ignites the layout of domestic brands in the ice and snow economy” (source: Economic Information News) was released on the client side of Xinhua News Agency. From “the earliest entry into the Winter Olympics”, “customized solutions”, “conducive to the expansion of foreign business“, etc., Shu Hua has a small report in it, and has read more than 1.14 million.

During the Winter Olympics, athletes from Iceland and Argentina wrote letters of thanks to Shu Hua, the coach of the Chinese short track speed skating team shared the exercise video with the players, and Shu Hua appeared on the camera… Continue to output exquisite Winter Olympic posters, in the Winter Olympics After the wonderful closing, Shuhua Sports sent a congratulatory letter to the Chinese sports delegation and the Winter Sports Center of the General Administration of Sports

With multiple participation, Quanzhou brand has created multiple “other ways”.

In a “2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Sports Brand Value List” (source: Sports Big Business), the author sees that the 15th is Peak. According to the list information, the overseas national team athletes sponsored by Peak won 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 3 bronze medals, bringing the total number of medals to 13. Peak provided equipment for seven delegations from Belgium, Brazil, Iceland, etc., to allow the brand to participate in the global competition of the Winter Olympics in “another way”. There is also Tantuo Outdoor, which is the equipment sponsor of the Kyrgyzstan national team. Jiu Muwang has reached a 6-year strategic cooperation with the Chinese sports delegation (2018-2024), and is the supplier of the delegation’s dress.

Outside the Winter Olympics, Quanzhou has created “another home court”. In this year’s Winter Olympics, the mascots “Bing Dun Dun” and “Xue Rong Rong” have become popular, and it is hard to find one! The ceramic versions of “Bing Dun Dun” and “Xue Rong Rong” have been preserved for a long time, have delicate colors, and have passed on for thousands of years. The high-quality products dedicated to the firing skills of Dehua porcelain are irresistible! Shunmei Group in Dehua, Quanzhou is the only authorized manufacturer of ceramic versions of “Bingdundun” and “Xuerongrong”. Jinjiang Hengsheng Toys is one of the three licensed manufacturers of the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot “Bingdundun”, according to People’s Daily Online Jinjiang. Horsai Technology, founded by Quanzhou people, participated in the lighting projects of more than a dozen projects in the Winter Olympics venues, and Jiumu participated in the high-quality bathroom space solutions for the upgrade of the Bird’s Nest. Visual art general design…

The Olympic Games is a world stage, a big stage for global athletes and global brands to compete. The steady growth of China‘s economy, the steady development of society, the inheritance and innovation of culture, and the vigorous vitality — together support our cultural self-confidence. Next, Chinese brands and Quanzhou brands should still work hard and invest more in technological research and development, intelligent production and other technological capabilities to achieve technological confidence. From cultural self-confidence to technological self-confidence and brand self-confidence, domestic brands will surely accelerate their pace on the international stage.

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