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Chen Yufei and Wang Yilyu truce to the Badminton Super League Zhejiang Jingti and won the third place_Zhejiang Online

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Chen Yufei and Wang Yilyu have a truce and the Badminton Super League Zhejiang Jingshen wins the third place

2023-02-22 11:10:13

Source: Sport Tribune

Reporter Lu Yingjian

On the afternoon of February 21, this season’s Badminton Super League ushered in the third place competition, Zhejiang Jingti played against Shenzhen Yuzhong. Due to injuries and preparations for the national team, Zhejiang Jingti took turns to rest the two A-level players Chen Yufei and Wang Yilu in the team, and played with a team of young players.

In the first men’s doubles match, Zhejiang Jingti sent Xie Haonan/Zhu Haiyuan to face fellow seniors and national team member Wang Chang and partner Liang Weikeng. The two showed a higher fighting spirit and scored 11:4 as soon as they came up. , 11:7 two games in a row, after losing the third game with 7:11 regrettably, they settled the battle neatly with 11:3 in the deciding game and won the first point.

In the men’s singles competition, Zhejiang teenager Sun Chao and the national player Sun Feixiang staged a fierce duel. On the one hand, there is an 18-year-old teenager who has scored in the top four in the trials of the national badminton training team. After the first two rounds each won a city, both sides grabbed key goals in a row in the third round, and they played until 15:14 in the 11-point round to decide the winner. Seeing that Sun Chao is in full swing, it is a pity that his physical fitness has declined. He failed to seize the opportunity at the critical moment of the next two rounds. In the end, the two played 5 rounds, and Sun Chao lost 2:3.

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In the mixed doubles competition, facing her old opponent Feng Xueying and her partner Wu Tuobin who had defeated her in the national championship, Wu Mengying and her partner Chen Xujun were still slightly inferior in experience and skills: after losing 7:11 in the first game, they won the next two games. The key points failed to counterattack, and they lost two consecutive games at 10:12 and 9:11. With Han Qianxi losing 0:3 to Zhang Yiman in the women’s singles, Zhejiang Jingti lost 1:3 to Shenzhen Yuzhong, and finished fourth in this Badminton Super League.

Chen Yufei, who watched the game due to injury, said that her ankle injury is not serious. “It will affect running a little bit, and there will be some hesitation in receiving and receiving. It’s not a big problem.”

It is reported that after the end of the Badminton Super League, Guoyu will gather to prepare for the European tour in March.

edit: Bi Zhen

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