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Chiara, from Salerno to Spain to guide the church

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Chiara, from Salerno to Spain to guide the church

A younger couple, married for one 12 months, appointed the pastor of the church Santa Mariaa bucketsa metropolis with 17 thousand inhabitants close by Barcelona. The couple is made up of him, a 31-year-old Spaniard, and her, a 33-year-old Salerno, which have grow to be the soul of the Iberia metropolis area. The two met due to their love”antiques“. Chiara RomanoIn reality, he’s an archaeologist who collaborated with the University of Salerno and lived within the higher a part of the Carmine area. husband, Juan Rodriguez Securanza, an historical historian who studied for his doctorate in Italy. They met in Padova with mutual buddies and an amazing love that blossomed that led to them getting married final 12 months and transferring to Spain. Chiara Romano is now finding out for a doctorate in archeology on the University of Barcelona and lives in Cobelles, her husband’s hometown. This couple has grow to be some extent of reference locally of their area.

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