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China wins women’s curling gold at World Winter Games

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China wins women’s curling gold at World Winter Games
China wins women’s curling gold at World Winter Games
2023-01-24 08:49:56.0 Source: Xinhuanet
Author: Wang Jingyu, Li Jia

According to the China University Sports Association, on the evening of the 21st local time in the United States, in the women’s curling final of the 2023 World University Winter Games in Lake Placid, the Chinese team defeated the South Korean team 6:4 and won the gold medal.

This is the second time the Chinese team has won the women’s curling gold medal at the World Winter Games since the World Winter Games held in Harbin in 2009.

In the previous round-robin match, the South Korean team defeated the Chinese team 8:6. The two sides met again in the final, and the South Korean team took a 4:1 lead in the first half. After the start of the second half, the Chinese team composed of Han Yu, Dong Ziqi, Zhu Zihui, and Jiang Jiayi was in full swing, scoring 5 points in the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth rounds, thus winning the championship for the Chinese delegation in the current Winter Games. The first and only gold medal.

Yu Zuojun, the coach of the Chinese team, said that the South Korean team is very strong. Before the game, the Chinese team conducted a detailed analysis of all the technical and tactical data of the opponent. According to the scheduled plan, it was supposed to grab the first few rounds. Unexpectedly, the situation of the game was changing, and the Chinese team could only adapt to the situation.

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He said: “We fell behind in the front, and then we have to implement this tactic of stealing points first and stealing points at any cost. The players played very well, and every base completed its duty. and tasks. Under tremendous psychological pressure, we defeated our opponents, more psychologically. The changes in the mentality of both sides caused us to steal points in a row, while the opponents may have lost their psychological balance. The athletes were very unhappy. Easy, and they have grown a lot in this game.”

In the short track speed skating women’s 3,000-meter relay final that day, the Chinese team composed of Wang Yichao, Jia Huiling, Hao Weiying and Cai Shenyi won the silver medal with a time of 4:14.642; the South Korean team won the silver medal with a time of 4:12.557 The U.S. team finished third.

The short track speed skating competitions of this year’s Great Winter Games are all over, and the Chinese team won two silver medals and one bronze medal.

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