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Chinese Women’s Hockey Team Defeats Australia in Invitational Match

Xinhua News Agency, Perth, Australia, April 24 (Reporter Wang Qi) – In a thrilling invitational match certified by the International Hockey Federation in Perth, Australia, the Chinese women’s hockey team managed to defeat the current world No. 4 player, the Australian team, with a score of 3:2.

The game, which took place on April 24, saw the Chinese team take the lead in the first quarter with a short corner kick goal. However, the Australian team quickly turned the tables and scored two goals in the second quarter, ending the first half with a 1:2 deficit for the Chinese team.

In the third quarter, the Chinese team had several opportunities for short corner kicks but failed to convert them into points. It was not until the fourth quarter when Fan Yunxia’s dribble and precise pass to Chen Yang allowed the Chinese team to equalize the score.

With less than three minutes left in the game, the Chinese team seized another short corner kick opportunity, and Gu Bingfeng scored the winning goal, securing a victory for the team.

Reflecting on the game, the Australian head coach of the Chinese team, Annan, noted that the team’s communication and teamwork significantly improved in the second half, allowing them to effectively stifle the opponent’s performance.

“After the game, Chen Yang shared her thoughts on scoring the equalizing goal, stating, “When I saw the ball crossing the midfield line, I felt that it might come to the backdoor corner. In our usual training, we also pay attention to the fact that someone must be responsible for the backdoor corner, so I rushed over at that time, and the ball came very comfortably.”

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The victory for the Chinese women’s hockey team demonstrates their skill and determination on the international stage, setting a positive tone for their future matchups.

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