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China’s ice hockey “full” play in the men’s and women’s teams have different goals

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  Original title: Chinese ice hockey “full amount” play, male and female teams have different goals, female ice “guarantee four fights three”, male ice hockey strives to play their own style and characteristics

As the most ornamental collective event in ice sports, ice hockey is naturally the focus of many people’s attention. At the Beijing Winter Olympics, both Chinese men’s and women’s ice hockey teams will participate, and this is the first time that Chinese ice hockey has been able to play in the Winter Olympics at full capacity. It is also the first show of Chinese men’s ice in the Winter Olympics. Although ice hockey is still in the development stage in China, the overall strength of the team is limited, but being able to stand on the stage of the Winter Olympics is a moment worth remembering for all Chinese ice hockey players.

  Chinese men’s and women’s hockey teams have different goals

Although the time for ice hockey to enter China is not short, it has encountered great difficulties in the development process, and the record is hard to say. However, all of this has changed dramatically with Beijing’s successful acquisition of the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in 2015. Take Beijing as an example. In recent years, ice sports represented mainly by ice hockey has been greatly developed. The registered population of ice hockey has reached 67,000, multiple ice rinks have been put into use, and hundreds of mature coaches have been put into use. The arrival of Beijing has made Beijing’s ice hockey foundation leap to the forefront of the country.

Similar to many collective ball events, the overall performance of China’s ice hockey can be roughly summarized as “the women’s events are relatively strong, and the men’s events are in the stage of improvement.” Specifically, as a strong team in Asia, Chinese women’s ice hockey has achieved good results for a long time in the past, and has also won the 4th place in the Nagano Winter Olympics. However, in recent competitions, due to factors such as the replacement of new and old players, the strength of the Chinese women’s ice does not seem to be as strong as it was 20 years ago. This time fighting at home, the Chinese female ice hoping to show her strength, with the goal of “guaranteeing four and fighting three.”

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In contrast, the strength of the Chinese men’s ice hockey team is limited, and the overall competitiveness is not strong. With the conclusion of the Winter Olympics qualifiers, the host Chinese team’s opponents in the Olympic group stage are also finalized. They are the top-seeded Canadian team, the sixth-seeded United States and the seventh-seeded Germany. Such grouping is too difficult for the Chinese team. Compared with the goal of Chinese women’s ice hockey, the more realistic goal of Chinese men’s ice hockey should be to play their own style and characteristics, and to discover and reserve more for Chinese ice hockey. Talent.

  Male skating performance is not the first priority

Chinese men’s ice hockey is no longer the dominant team in Asia, but a team that still needs to continue to accumulate experience through the game. In the past few years, the Chinese ice hockey team (training team) has participated in foreign leagues in various ways, striving to improve its level through high-level competitions. Judging from their battle record, they basically achieved this goal. Of course, for the Chinese men’s ice hockey team at this stage, performance is not the first priority. It is more important to better combine players from different systems in the team.

Taking into account the lack of domestic ice hockey talents and the status quo of some potential athletes studying overseas, the Chinese ice hockey team (training team) also adopts a combination of domestic training system players and overseas training system players in the process of recruiting and selecting players, such as Players like Ying Rudi and Zhang Zesen trained by the domestic training system have been able to get a certain amount of playing time, while players like Ye Jinguang who have grown up in overseas leagues have become the core of the team. After the training of the Russian Continental Ice Hockey League, the strength of the Chinese men’s ice hockey has been significantly enhanced.

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Regarding participating in the Winter Olympics, Ye Jinguang said: “Personally, it is an honor to represent the Chinese team in the Winter Olympics. In addition, the Chinese team’s participation in the Winter Olympics is very important to the future of Chinese ice hockey. One day in the future, a Chinese player was selected into the top league. When someone asked why he played ice hockey, he might answer, “In 2022, I have witnessed the Chinese team compete in the Winter Olympics.” If it’s true This scene will appear, and I think this is what each of us wants to achieve after we continue to work hard.”

  Female skating overseas training is fruitful

In contrast, the overall competitiveness of Chinese women’s ice hockey is relatively strong, and they have returned to China recently to prepare for the final sprint. In more than 5 months of training and competition in Russia, the Chinese women’s ice hockey team participated in the regular season of the Russian Women’s Ice Hockey League in the name of Shenzhen Kunlun Hongxing Vanke Sunshine Team. As of the end of this stage, they temporarily ranked fourth in the league with a record of 15 wins and 7 losses. Head coach Brian Idalski said that in the past few months, the Chinese team has performed well in the implementation of the tactical system and has made significant progress.

Before returning to China, the Chinese team also had two warm-up matches with the Russian U18 women’s ice hockey national team. The Chinese team won one game 2-1 and lost the second game 0-3. “Although the opponents are only players under the age of 18, the strength of the two teams is equal, which is an opportunity for the team to exercise. These two games are also preparations for the Winter Olympics, and the coach is running in the tactical system of the team’s front grab. , Received good results.” Deputy Captain Zhang Mengying said.

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In the women’s ice hockey competition of the Winter Olympics, the number of participating teams increased from the previous 8 to 10. For the Chinese team, it is also a rare opportunity for the Chinese team to be shortlisted as the host. Specifically, the Chinese women’s ice hockey team is currently ranked 19th in the world, and their opponents in Group B include Japan, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark. (Reporter Zhang Kunlong)


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