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China’s National Football Team Off to a Strong Start in World Cup Preliminaries with 2-1 Away Victory Over Thailand

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Original title: Defeated Thailand 2-1 in an away game (title)

The National Football World Cup preliminaries are off to a successful start (theme)

Zhang Zhe, all-media reporter from Guangzhou Daily

Last night, Beijing time, the national football team defeated Thailand 2-1 away from home in the top 36 of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in Asia, getting off to a good start. After the game, Wu Lei was named the best player of the game; Wang Shangyuan scored the first goal of his national team career. In the next game, the national football team will face the South Korean team at the Shenzhen Longgang Universiade Center Stadium on November 21.

In the 22nd minute, the Thai team took advantage of the Chinese team’s corner kick opportunity to quickly counterattack. Yan Junling saved Supana’s shot, but was helpless against Sarachi’s world wave in the penalty area. In the unfavorable situation of conceding the first goal in the away game, the national football team’s offensive was not affected. In the 29th minute, Wei Shihao broke into the penalty area and passed the ball to the goal. Wu Lei scored with a shovel and scored, leveling the score. After scoring the goal, Wu Lei With 32 goals, he is the sole scorer in the history of the national football team. In the 74th minute, Wang Shangyuan received an assist from Xie Pengfei and scored a goal. The national football team finally defeated the Thai team 2-1 and scored 3 points in the away game as expected.

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After the game, national football coach Jankovic said that the competition in this game was very fierce and he was very satisfied with taking all three points. “The opponent’s first offensive opportunity left us 0-1 behind, but we showed team cohesion, which is very important to us. Of course, we cannot be completely satisfied with this performance. In the game, our There are still ups and downs in performance and this must be addressed.”

Jankovic was not particularly satisfied with the technical and emotional control of the national football players yesterday: “Emotional control is very important in this format and can even affect the trend of a game. In the second half, we regrouped and solved some problems. It’s a tactical problem, but after solving the goal problem, we need to play with more changes.”

Jankovic was very calm. He said: “We have to go step by step. Winning does not mean we will advance. We will use the next five days to prepare for the game against the South Korean team. As a coach, it is very difficult for us to I’m happy that the team won, but we still have a lot to work on.”

After the game, Wu Lei, who scored the tying goal and surpassed Liu Haiguang to dominate the national football team’s history as the top scorer, said: “Conceding the first goal did not disturb our mentality. I believe we can win it back. We will face the South Korean team in the next game. Go ahead with a calm mind, and try your best to play well at home to satisfy the fans.”

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At 20:00 on November 21, the Chinese team will face the second opponent in the group, South Korea, at home in Shenzhen. South Korea defeated Singapore 5-0 yesterday. The national football team is in the same group as Thailand, South Korea and Singapore in the top 36 of the Asian preliminaries. According to the competition system, the top two teams in each group will advance to the next stage of the world preliminaries. Due to the strength of the South Korean team, the Singapore team will not pose a substantial threat. The second qualifying spot in the group will most likely be between the Chinese team and the Thai team. This time the national football team brought back 3 points in the away game, making a good start for the World Cup.

Reporter observation

The most low-key expedition in history

The deep impression Chinese fans have on Thai football undoubtedly comes from the humiliating 1-5 defeat 10 years ago. The national football team lost to the Vietnamese team in the top 12 away game last year, which made the outside world feel that the Chinese men’s football team has been reduced to a formidable enemy even against Southeast Asian teams.

Indeed, Chinese football is at a freezing point today, which is caused by the superposition of multiple negative factors in the past few years. This trip to Bangkok was called the “most low-key in history” for the national football team: no leader to supervise the campaign, no chartered flight, no five-star hotel stay, no large media following, and no winning bonus. For the national football team, the advantage of keeping a low profile is that they are less disturbed by external factors and can focus more on the game itself.

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Against this background, the defeat of the Thai team in the first away game gave the national football team confidence; in the next home game against the powerful South Korean team, the national football team may not necessarily lose. If the national football team can achieve a better result, then the image of the national football team will also improve. Let’s wait and see!


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