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China’s women’s football team goes to the United States to warm up and gain experience_Guangming.com

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Chinese Women’s Football Team Loses 3-0 to US in Friendly Match

The Chinese women’s national football team, currently in a reconstruction period, faced off against the former world champion United States team in an away game, resulting in a 0-3 loss. This score reflects the significant gap in strength between the Chinese team and its opponents during the transition period. However, the emergence of the “post-00s” as the backbone of the national team has provided valuable resources to develop the new generation of “roses”.

The Chinese women’s football team, which failed to qualify for the Paris Olympics, is currently without international competitions to participate in, leading to a lack of experience in high-intensity matches. This trip to the United States for an invitational tournament and a game against the U.S. team, currently ranked third in the world, provided a rare opportunity for actual combat. After the former head coach Shui Qingxia resigned, Wang Jun, head coach of the U20 National Youth Women’s Football Team, served as the interim coach of the national team.

The absence of key players, including Wang Shuang, Yang Lina, and Chen Qiaozhu, due to injuries and other factors, resulted in a lineup with a reasonable age structure, experience, and impact for the national team in this first game. The team’s relative inexperience was evident in various technical statistics, reflecting the difficulty faced when dealing with strong teams.

Despite the loss, the Chinese team gained valuable experience after gradually adapting to fast-paced and high-intensity competitions in away games. The hope going forward is for the players to be more confident and decisive in their play, showing their own characteristics and full strength in the upcoming warm-up matches.

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The Chinese team’s performance is being closely watched as they continue to rebuild and prepare for upcoming international competitions. With a younger generation coming to the forefront, the future looks promising for the Chinese women’s football team.

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