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Chinese athletes win two gold medals in World Athletics Race Walking Tour

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Chinese athletes Zhang Jun and Ma Zhenxia emerged victorious in the World Athletics Race Walking Tour held in Taicang, Jiangsu. The event saw intense competition among 39 high-level athletes from 11 countries and regions.

In the men’s 20-kilometer event, Zhang Jun narrowly defeated Italian star Massimo Stano, the reigning Tokyo Olympics men’s race walking champion. The two athletes were neck and neck throughout the race, with Zhang Jun ultimately crossing the finish line first by a thrilling margin. Brazilian star Cayo Bonfin finished third in the event.

On the women’s side, Ma Zhenxia triumphed over teammate Yang Jiayu to claim the 20-kilometer championship. The Chinese women’s team displayed strong overall strength, with Ma Zhenxia and Yang Jiayu finishing almost simultaneously. Veteran athlete Liu Hong clinched the third spot in the race.

This competition also served as the first round of selection for the Chinese team’s participation in the upcoming Paris Olympics. In addition to the individual events, the Paris Olympics will feature a marathon race-walking mixed relay competition for the first time. The selection process for the Chinese team has been revised to include international competition results.

The top performers in the men’s and women’s events at the Taicang Station will advance to the second round of selection, which includes events in Turkey, Warsaw, Rio Mayor, and A Coruña. The selection process also allows for concurrent participation in multiple events, with the mixed relay event scheduled for March 9 to align with the Paris Olympic Games schedule.

Overall, the World Athletics Race Walking Tour in Taicang showcased the talent and determination of Chinese athletes, setting the stage for an exciting journey towards the Paris Olympics.

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