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Chinese Dragon Boat Men’s Team Sets Record with Two Golds and One Silver at Asian Games

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Chinese Dragon Boat Men’s Team Sets Record with Two Golds and One Silver at Asian Games

Chinese Men’s Dragon Boat Team Makes History at Asian Games with Two Golds and One Silver

The Chinese dragon boat men’s team has achieved their best result in the history of the Asian Games by winning two gold medals and one silver. The team, consisting of eight Fujian athletes, showed exceptional skill and determination in their races.

The intense competition took place at the Wenzhou Dragon Boat Sports Center, and the highlight was the 1,000-meter straight race finals. In a thrilling showdown with the Indonesian team, the Chinese team narrowly lost by a mere 0.047 seconds, securing the silver medal. However, their overall performance of two golds and one silver creates a new record for the Chinese men’s dragon boat team in the Asian Games.

Throughout the 1,000-meter straight race, the battle for the gold medal was fierce between the Chinese and Indonesian teams. Each team made adjustments to their tactics after their head-to-head confrontation in the 500-meter straight race.

In the final, the Chinese team dominated in the initial 750 meters, but the Indonesian team managed an impressive comeback in the last 250-meter sprint. Despite their efforts, the Chinese team fell short by a mere 0.047 seconds, admitting the strength of their opponents. Yu Haijie from Fujian expressed disappointment but acknowledged the Indonesian team’s performance, stating, “Although it is a bit regretful, the Indonesian team is really strong.”

The Chinese team’s success is largely attributed to the skill and determination of their athletes from Fujian. Alongside Yu Haijie, the team includes Chen Fangjia, Zheng Jiaxin, Zhang Zhicheng, Liu Yu, Chen Zihuan, Shu Liang, and Wang Xiaodong. The men’s team’s head coach, Lin Jingwei, also hails from Fujian.

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Dragon boating, the third official event at the Asian Games, uses a 12-person dragon boat with 10 rowers, 1 drummer, 1 coxswain, and 2 substitutes. Lin Jingwei revealed that the team was formed in April after undergoing a rigorous qualification process consisting of 36 rounds. Unity and working together as one has been their key focus, with Lin stating, “Unity should be the most important part, and working together requires one heart.”

Captain Chen Fangjia, participating in the Asian Games for the fourth time, emphasized the team’s shared goal and determination. He explained that their success was not due to any “secret weapon” but rather their collective effort towards the same objective. Chen said, “We just have the same goal and strive towards it. If we work in the same direction, we will win the gold medal.”

The popularity of dragon boat racing was evident at the Hangzhou Asian Games, with 293 athletes from 12 countries and regions participating in the event. The success of this sport has global potential, and Indonesian team coach Eddie Su Yong believes that its inclusion in the Asian Games will foster cultural exchanges and further development.

The Chinese men’s dragon boat team’s remarkable achievement in the Asian Games serves as a testament to their dedication, teamwork, and perseverance. They have made their mark in history, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations of dragon boat athletes to aspire to.

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