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Chinese Men’s Handball Super League kicks off defending champion Jiangsu

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Chinese Men’s Handball Super League kicks off defending champion Jiangsu

2021-11-21 14:22:52Source: China News Network

The scene of the opening ceremony.Photo courtesy of the League Organizing Committee

ChinanewsBeijing NovemberOn the 21st, the reporter learned from the league organizing committee that the 2021 Chinese Men’s Handball Super League will be launched on the 20th at the Cultural and Sports Center of Suzhou High-tech Zone. As the “Four Champions” of the National Games, the defending champion Jiangsu team defeated Guangdong and ushered in a good start.

Before the opening match, the Super League had a brief opening ceremony. Chinese Chinese Sports team captain Li Shuang took the oath on behalf of the athletes, and Wang Tao, chairman of the Chinese Handball Association, announced the opening. In the opening match, the defending champion Pacific Insurance Jiangsu Men’s Handball Club played at home against the Guangdong Men’s Handball Club. In Jiangsu this time in the league, old coach Yan Weiming only retained three National Games champion members, the first game led by Zhang Shuai and Zhou Ao. For the Guangdong team, new coach Zhu Jie sent a lineup that “brings the old with the new”. The 32-year-old Li Zhongzhou is still the team’s pinnacle.

After the game began, the two teams played quite stalemate for a time. At 1 minute and 46 seconds, the Pacific Jiangsu No. 7 Zhou Ao Zhonglu broke through, opening the goal account of this year’s Chinese Men’s Handball Super League. At 7 minutes and 19 seconds, Zhou Ao scored the first “seven-meter ball” of the new season. Immediately, Pacific Jiangsu also widened the score difference to 6.5:2, and gradually began to control the game. Twenty minutes later, with the further widening of the points difference, Yan Weiming sent a large number of “post-00” players one after another to train the team. On the other hand, the Guangdong team, on the offensive and defensive ends, is a little bit careless. After halftime, Pacific Jiangsu led the opponent with 18:11.

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The scene of the game.Photo courtesy of the League Organizing Committee

After the easy side battle, Chen Xiaotian, No. 13 of Pacific Jiangsu, became the first player to be sent off for 2 minutes in the new season. The Guangdong team took the opportunity to narrow the difference to 14:18. However, the overall strength of Pacific Jiangsu quickly reintegrated the game into its familiar rhythm, and eventually led all the way, taking the opponent 41.5:32.

In this game, Pacific Jiangsu No. 7 Zhou Ao scored a game-high 8.5 points and was elected as the “Best Athlete of the Game” along with No. 15 Li Langxuan of the Guangdong team.

“We were a little nervous at the beginning of the first half. After adjustments, the team increased the off-the-ball interleaving, counterattacked through strong defense, played our own rhythm, and successfully won the game.” After the game, the captain Zhou Ao calmed down. To say.

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The scene of the game.Photo courtesy of the League Organizing Committee

Regarding the performance of Ai Jiang, Pacific Jiangsu coach Yan Weiming fully affirmed, “As a champion member of the National Games, Zhou Ao is the core of this team at present. He played very well in this game. As for the performance of the whole team, it is still more or less It seems a little immature. After all, the players are still relatively young and still need competitions to continue to grow.”

Speaking of the game, Guangdong team coach Zhu Jie said frankly, “Whether it is the continuity of the ball transfer or the physical strength of the players, there is a big gap between us and Jiangsu. At the same time, because the team has just concentrated, the physical condition is also Not too good. I hope these young players can learn more and exercise more in the following games, and strive to make a better game.”


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