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Chinese Men’s Volleyball Team 3-0 Uzbekistan Jiangchuan leads the Asian Championship Group C wins_Sobirov

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Original title: Chinese men’s volleyball team 3-0 Uzbekistan Jiangchuan led the Asian Championships C group winning streak

On September 13, Beijing time, the 2021 Men’s Volleyball Asian Championship was played at the Funabashi Stadium in Chiba County until the second round of Group C. Wu Sheng led the Chinese men’s volleyball team in three straight games and sent the egg to Uzbekistan 3-0. This is Following the same 3-0 zero closure in the first round of Kuwait, he won two consecutive victories and waited for the top rival Australia in the third round of the Asian Championships single round robin. On the other hand, the Uzbekistan men’s volleyball team even tried the strange position of the former line leader and deputy attack Sobirov-A withdrawing one pass after another. However, the blocking system still cannot prevent the Chinese men’s volleyball team from running tactics combined with hitting and hanging. Australia lost two consecutive games in the Asian Championships after swallowing eggs 0-3.

Round 2 of Group C:

Chinese Men’s Volleyball Team 3-0 Uzbekistan (25-14, 25-18, 25-16)

Wu Sheng took charge of the Chinese men’s volleyball team in the first round of Group C to achieve a good start, thanks to the straight set 3-0 (25-12, 25-16, 25-18) to zero Kuwait, the second round against Uzbekistan continued to use Setter No. 7 Yu Yaochen, Vice Attack No. 9 Li Yongzhen, No. 15 Peng Shikun, Main Attack No. 22 Zhang Jingyin, No. 6 Yu Yuantai, Freeman No. 8 Yang Tianyuan and No. 2 Jiang Chuan (captain) joined forces to start, and the second game was changed. It was later changed to Freeman No. 5 Yang Yiming as the main player, ranking No. 5 in Asia and Region higher than No. 27 in Uzbekistan.

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Competitor Uzbekistan ranked bottom of the 16 Asian Championships. In the first round, it challenged Australia to fight for three games and lost 0-3 (16-25, 19-25, 19-25). This game faced China. The men’s volleyball team chose to change. The main attack on No. 14 Kobchonov’s truce was replaced by No. 3 Yurdashev’s partner No. 6 Akhtamv, and the deputy attack No. 7 Sobirov-A (captain) and No. 10 were used. Kukhkorov, Sobirov-I, No. 4, played with setter No. 8 Isanmov, and Freeman No. 13 Temirov.

In the first game, Zhang Jingyin’s pass was not in place. Fortunately, Jiang Chuan scored the ball. The Chinese men’s volleyball team used Sobirov-A to quickly touch the net and Yu Yuan Taiping opened. At 6-3, Zhang Jingyin jumped off the net and made a pass. Fei lost 2 points, Yu Yuantai attacked the wheel to stop the card round with 8-5 leading technical timeout. Uzbekistan was unable to prevent Zhang Jingyin’s high point attack to 8-12 due to Yurdashev’s mistake in jumping off the net. The Chinese men’s volleyball team broke a pass through Yu Yaochen’s jump ball, and Zhang Jingyin blocked the tennis team. Score 2 points to force a truce.

Li Yongzhen intercepted Sobirov-A in the front row, but was broken by Akhtamf. The Chinese men’s volleyball team relied on Sobirov-A to serve off the net and entered the second technical timeout with a 16-9 lead. Zhang Jingyin’s jump shot was fired by Li Yongzhen probe and Akhtamf to 18-9. Because Zhang Jingyin’s front row touched the net and blocked Akhtamf’s heavy buckle, the Chinese men’s volleyball team used Sobirov-I to fire and Yu Yuantai. Borrowing to go out to 22-10, Uzbekistan was blocked by Peng Shikun after the suspension and Jiang Chuan lost the second to 14-25.

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In the second game, Peng Shikun’s mobile block was out of bounds by Sobirov-I. The Chinese men’s volleyball team was pulled by Zhang Jingyingao at 1-1 and blocked and Peng Shikun jumped and scored 3 points. Yu Yuantai flew to 4-2 on the defensive mat. Li Yongzhen is short and flat. It’s a pity that Zhang Jingyin rushed in and Yu Yaochen’s defense missed the ball. The Chinese men’s volleyball team passed Zhang Jingyin’s counter-round attack and Li Yongzhen shortly tied the ball to 8-5. Zhang Jingyin defended Akhtamf’s heavy dunk and Jiang Chuan scored 2 points in a row, forcing Uzbekistan to be forced out of bounds by Jiang Chuan after the 5-10 truce.

Jiang Chuan made a strong jump to serve out of bounds and Yu Yaochen’s anti-slinging pad flew to 8-12. The Chinese men’s volleyball team relied on Yu Yuantaiping to open a breakthrough block, but Yang Yiming prevented the sling to lose points. Fortunately, Yurdashev jumped to the net and was unfortunately lost. Sobirov-A sneaked up to 14-10. Zhang Jingyin opened high but Jiangchuan’s counter-round attack was blocked. The Chinese men’s volleyball team relied on Zhang Jingyin’s last three changes to hang to 16-12. Uzbekistan hit the net with Kukhkorov’s fast ball but intercepted Jiang Chuan and was unable to block Zhang Jingyin’s high pull and then Yu Yuantai to jump and lose 18-25.

In the third game, Jiang Chuan was defended by Zhang Jingyin. The Chinese men’s volleyball team relied on Li Yongzhen to block after losing 2 points in a row at 1-0, and Sobirov-I scored 4 points in a row and overtook 5 points. -2. Uzbekistan tried to arrange for the front row deputy captain Sobirov-A to retreat and receive a pass, abandoning the freeman Temirov and changing to a four-man main receiver, but unfortunately encountered a card round and had to apply for a timeout. The Chinese men’s volleyball team used Sobirov-A to jump off the net, and Li Yongzhen blocked Akhtamf’s leading technical suspension to 8-6.

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Uzbekistan approached 8-9 with Sobirov-I’s first offense and defense, but the block was again pulled back by Yu Yuantai to go out of bounds to a 13-16 technical timeout. Jiang Chuan adjusted his attack and went out of bounds. Fortunately, Zhang Jingyin played three hands and dropped the ball. The Chinese men’s volleyball team made a strong jump to 19-15 through Jiang Chuan to force Uzbekistan to truce. Jiangchuan’s second two changed into a suspension and vigorously jumped, Zhang Jingyin’s second three consolidated his advantage to 22-16, and the Chinese men’s volleyball team used Uzbekistan’s defensive series mistakes to seal the victory 25-16 to 3-0 to achieve two consecutive victories. (Li Xianming)Return to Sohu to see more


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