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Chinese Sports Delegation Gears Up for the Hangzhou Asian Games

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Hangzhou Asian Games is about to open, and competitions in various sports have already begun. The Chinese sports delegation is actively preparing for the competition, with athletes determined to achieve good results and use this event as valuable training for future international competitions.

In weightlifting, table tennis, diving, shooting, and other events, Chinese athletes have shown exceptional skill and determination. At the World Weightlifting Championships in Riyadh, three members of the Chinese weightlifting team broke five world records and won an impressive 20 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and three bronze medals. Despite the lack of experience in comprehensive international competitions, the young athletes in the weightlifting team are eager to learn from their experiences and perform well in the Asian Games.

The Chinese table tennis team has undergone intensive training, including a closed training camp and warm-up drills through intra-team competitions and the Asian Table Tennis Championships. The team cohesion has improved, and the players are in a better competitive state. They are optimistic about their performances in the Asian Games.

The Chinese diving team is known for its strength, and their goal is to surpass themselves and strive for excellence. Tokyo Olympic champion Wang Zongyuan is participating in the men’s one-meter and three-meter springboard competitions, hoping to achieve good results in both events.

The Chinese shooting team has made thorough preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games, considering it a valuable opportunity to test their skills, tactics, and mentality. They regard the Asian Games as a “mock test” for the Olympic Games and will use this event to fine-tune their preparations.

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The Chinese track and field, swimming, gymnastics, and other teams also view the Hangzhou Asian Games as a crucial training opportunity before the Paris Olympics. They aim to achieve good results while training and preparing the team for future competitions.

The Chinese sports delegation consists of talented athletes across various disciplines, including track and field, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, gymnastics, and martial arts. They are determined to showcase their skills and achieve success in their respective events.

With an impressive lineup of athletes and their unwavering determination, the Chinese sports delegation is ready to face their competitors and make their country proud in the Hangzhou Asian Games. The competition promises to be intense, and all eyes will be on these athletes as they strive for victory.

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