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Chinese Students from Fujian Province Dominate Chengdu Universiade with Four Gold Medals

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Chen Qingyuan Wins Gold for China in Fencing at the Chengdu Universiade

Chengdu, China – The Chengdu Universiade came to a thrilling conclusion on August 6th, with students from Fujian showcasing their athletic prowess and bringing home multiple gold medals. Chen Qingyuan, a talented fencer, emerged as a star of the games, securing a gold medal for China.

In the women’s foil team final, the Chinese college women’s foil team, comprised of three Fujian players – Chen Qingyuan, Huang Qianqian, and Fu Yiting, delivered an exceptional performance. They effortlessly defeated the Italian team with a score of 45:22, clinching the gold medal. Reflecting on their victory, Chen Qingyuan expressed the team’s determination, stating, “We are very eager to win this gold medal, so we will be more determined – especially in the second game when we played a 5-0 match. Our momentum immediately skyrocketed, and we were very confident in ourselves.”

This victory adds to the success of the Chinese team, who dominated the Universiade with their exceptional performance across various sporting events. The women’s volleyball team secured their first championship in the new cycle, defeating the Japanese team after three hard-fought rounds. The Chinese team’s resilience and skill were evident throughout the final, with scores of 29:27, 29:27, and 25:22 in their favor.

Furthermore, in the afternoon rowing women’s eight-person oars with coxswain competition, Xia Keke, a player from Fujian’s Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, and her teammates secured another gold medal for China. Displaying their prowess in adverse weather conditions, the Chinese team triumphed with a remarkable time of 6:25.03, maintaining their position as the leading team throughout the event.

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Chinese athletes also excelled in the women’s 4×100m relay final, with Ge Manqi from East China Normal University securing second place. Ge Manqi, alongside her teammates Liang Xiaojing, Cai Yanting, and Li Yuting, ran an impressive 43.70 seconds, earning them a decisive victory and the gold medal.

The success continued in various other disciplines, with Han Yue from Tongji University advancing to the semifinals in badminton women’s singles. Han Yue’s determined performance led her to secure a spot in the final after defeating Hsu Min-chi from Chinese Taipei. Additionally, in the men’s doubles semi-final, He Jiting/Zhou Haodong and Ren Xiangyu/Tan Qiang joined forces to face off in the much-anticipated final.

Adding to the nation’s triumph, the Chinese team broke the Universiade record in the mixed men’s and women’s swimming 4×100m freestyle relay final. Chen Mingjie, a swimmer from Fujian’s Southwest University, played a crucial role in the preliminary rounds, setting a blistering pace with a time of 49.74 seconds in the first stroke. Notably, Chen Mingjie also became the first athlete from the province to break the 50-second mark in the men’s 100-meter freestyle event with a time of 49.93 seconds.

The Chengdu Universiade has showcased the incredible talent and dedication of Chinese athletes, and their achievements will undoubtedly inspire future generations to pursue excellence in sports.

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