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Chinese Super League, Automobile Festival, and Argentina Invitational Tournament are staged in a variety of ways, and the schedule of Zhonghe Gongshen continues-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

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Chinese Super League, Automobile Festival, and Argentina Invitational Tournament are staged in a variety of ways, and the schedule of Zhonghe Gongshen continues-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

Source title: Chinese Super League, Automobile Festival, and Argentina Invitational Tournament staged tricks

May 26-28 is a happy weekend for the public. In addition to the Mayday concert held at the Bird’s Nest, Xingongti also prepared a three-day gathering of activities for the public. More than 30 auto brands, more than 100 trendy life market stalls and 3 days of live band performances allow citizens to experience a one-stop lifestyle experience of “eating, drinking, playing and shopping”.

According to Zhang Chuang, the deputy general manager of Zhonghe Gongti, who is in charge of operating Xingongti, the car life festival is jointly planned by Zhongbo Gongti and Beijing Traffic Broadcasting, and will become the center of Xingongti’s integration of “curation + businessbusiness. First try.

Previously, the Argentine embassy in China and the event organizers successively confirmed that the official announcement of the International Football Invitational Tournament between Argentina and Australia on June 15 will be held in Xingongti. This event is the first overseas debut of the Argentine national team led by Messi after winning the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. It is also the first international sports event undertaken by Gongti after its re-appearance. Only two months after its full debut, it ushered in the challenge of international A-level competitions. After transforming into a world-class professional football stadium, Xingongti quickly got an opportunity to showcase internationally.

Since its debut and put into use on April 15, Xingongti has repeatedly become the focus of attention. According to the data of the Chinese Football Association, as of the first 10 rounds, Xingongti has an average attendance of more than 41,000, bearing the brunt of the 16 teams in the home court of the Chinese Super League.

(In the new season, over 46,000 spectators entered the stadium to watch the opening match at the “Xingongti” of the Chinese Super League. The picture comes from the Internet)

Before Beijing Guoan’s second home game in Xingongti, thousands of die-hard Guoan fans in the North Stand simultaneously raised the cards in their hands and spelled out the word “GUOAN”. This huge TIFO designed by the fan organization itself is so imposing that it reminds people of the famous scenes of many fans making their own TIFO in the five major European leagues and the UEFA Champions League.

(TIFO fans of Xingongti North Stand)

The popularity of the new gymnasium is mainly due to the deep memory it has accumulated in the hearts of the public over the past 60 years. It has become an indispensable part of the general public’s cultural and sports consumption life. In addition, Xingongti, as a professional stadium, has greatly improved its hardware level, bringing more shocking audio-visual enjoyment to the fans on site, and also allowing the happiness brought by football to radiate to every corner of the city. Li Dandan, Director of the Large-Scale Event Department of Zhonghe Gongti Company, who is in charge of the operation of Xingongti, is deeply touched by this: “Going home naturally wants to be comfortable and at ease, which requires professional services that are matched with professional football stadiums.”

It is understood that the commercial part of Xingongti will be completed and accepted in August this year, and investment promotion will be launched. It is expected that it will be opened and put into operation in 2024, with a total volume of 200,000 square meters. Compared with Lao Gongti in terms of business planning, its products mainly focus on business planning and brand selection around the idea of ​​”diverse and pioneering”.

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According to public information, in 2020, the overdue labor gymnasium started the renovation and reconstruction project. At the end of the same year, Sinobo Group led the consortium to win the bid, and led the establishment of Sinobo Gongti Company to be responsible for the investment, construction and operation of the project. It has been one and a half months since the new Gongti was put into operation, and various large-scale cultural and sports activities have been held one after another. It can be seen that Zhongbo, as the leading party of the consortium, still has a certain strength in the operation of cultural and sports resources. Coupled with the operational capabilities and management efficiency of Zhonghe Gongti Company, the “gold-absorbing” power of Xingongti is worth looking forward to.

In terms of future operation concept, the business of Xingongti is connected with stadiums and city parks, and will implement the concept of “unbounded” and integrated operation. First of all, the space is unbounded. The 100,000-square-meter city park and the 30,000-square-meter lake area have a lot of public space, which can hold various open-air sports and leisure activities, industry exhibitions, creative markets, 200,000 square meters of commercial service space and 6 subways The entrances and exits are interconnected, connecting commercial and urban spaces, realizing unbounded linkage and passenger flow sharing; followed by unbounded products, integration of events, performances, curation, cultural tourism, commercial business, mutual empowerment, membership system, brand marketing, and online services. The third is that time is unbounded. Due to the diversity of space and products, Xingongti will provide eight scenes throughout the day from morning jogging in the morning to dinner and entertainment in the evening. Enjoy the diverse and pioneering lifestyle from morning to night; the last is the unbounded experience. Xingongti revolves around smart development, smart competitions, smart commerce, smart property and integrated smart sports projects to help upgrade experience and management. The research and development of Gongti Yuanyu allows consumers to realize online and offline simultaneous watching games/shows/shows, hands-free bag shopping and other innovative ways of playing, Zhang Chuang introduced.

According to the above plan, the urban functional roles of Gongti will be upgraded from the original “sports culture exchange center”, “pop music interactive field”, “night economy and quality social field” to five new urban functional roles, namely “cultural and sports activities” and Exchange Center”, “Cultural Derivation and Communication Center”, “Brand Display and Support Center”, “New Consumption and Night Economy Center”, “Comfortable Integration and Experience Center”. And these five functions correspond to the five business types of new style, new cultural tourism, new curation, new business, and new technology. Starting from the International Invitational Tournament between Argentina and Australia, there will be more “New Business Culture and Sports” integration activities settled in Xingongti. This will also be the unique temperament and advantage of the new Gongti commercial district in the future.

(Source: Zhonghe Gongti)

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