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Chinese Super League – Gao Lin scored a goal, Yuan Mincheng defeated Shenzhen 2-1, reversed and sent Guoan the first defeat in the 9th round – yqqlm

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Chinese Super League – Gao Lin scored a goal, Yuan Mincheng defeated Shenzhen 2-1, reversed and sent Guoan the first defeat in the 9th round – yqqlm

Original title: Chinese Super League – Gao Lin scored Yuan Mincheng’s lore, Shenzhen 2-1 reversed and sent Guoan to the first defeat in the 9th round

Beijing time on July 11th, the 10th round of the Chinese Super League continued to compete, and Beijing Guoan ushered in the second round of the Shenzhen team. In the first half of the game, Wang Gang made a long-range shot, Jiang Zhipeng hit the crossbar with a free kick, Gao Lin equalized the score in the second half, Yuan Mincheng headed the lore, and finally the Shenzhen team reversed Beijing Guoan 2-1.

The two teams currently have little difference in the standings. The Shenzhen team is only 3 points behind Beijing Guoan. If they win the Yulin Army in this game, the points will be tied with their opponents, and they lost 1-4 in the first round. Let the deep foot soldiers hold back their revenge. Guoan’s main striker, Zhang Yuning, was injured and returned to Beijing for treatment, while foreign aid Dablo has not yet found his condition, which put a big question mark on the attack power of the Imperial Forest Army.

In the 8th minute after the start of the game, Gao Lin quickly sent a free kick, Sun Ke got the ball and volleyed the goal from a small angle; in the 18th minute, Wang Yongpo took a corner kick, Yu Dabao headed a clearance, Jiang Zhipeng volleyed the ball, Hou Sen almost let go and caused an own goal; in the 21st minute, Sun Ke picked the ball and injured his thigh in the counterattack and could not insist on being replaced by Xu Yue;

In the 28th minute, Jiang Xiangyou received a long pass from Memisevic and returned to Wang Gang from the right side of the penalty area. Wang Gang stopped the ball and volleyed straight into the dead corner of the goal. Guoan led the Shenzhen team 1-0; in the 39th minute, Jiang Xiangyou made a breakthrough on the left side of the penalty area. The back and bottom of the inverted triangle returned, but unfortunately no Guoan players kept up, missing a great opportunity to score;

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In the 42nd minute, Lin Caimin created a free kick opportunity in the frontcourt, Jiang Zhipeng’s curved ball hit the crossbar and bounced to the goal line, but did not cross the goal; in the 44th minute, Xu Yue took a long shot from outside the penalty area, and Hou Sen flew to the rescue and saved the ball; Then, at the end of the first half, Guoan led the Shenzhen team 1-0.

Change sides to fight again. In the 50th minute, Jiang Xiangyou stole the ball in the frontcourt and formed a counterattack. He dribbled the ball to the front of the penalty area and kicked the goal. Dong Chunyu fluttered and hugged the ball firmly; in the 56th minute, Lin Caimin made a mistake, Wang Ziming counterattacked with the ball, but unfortunately there were too many sticky balls and was tackled by Yuan Mincheng in the penalty area;

In the 57th minute, Li Yuanyi shot from a long distance, Hou Sen made a mistake in throwing the ball, and the ball bounced to the feet of Gao Lin, who was inserted in the back, and then the latter made a supplementary shot to equalize the score, Shenzhen team 1-1 Guoan; in the 71st minute, Gao Lin A small angle shot from the small penalty area was blocked by Hou Sen; in the 73rd minute, Jiang Xiangyou got the ball in the penalty area calmly and passed the defense with a low left foot shot and was blocked by Pei Shuai;

In the 79th minute, Zhang Xizhe delivered a straight pass in the middle. After Wang Gang inserted the smash, he hit the goal with his left foot and flew straight to the corner flag; in the 84th minute, Wang Yongpo took a corner kick, Yuan Mincheng nodded and attacked the goal. Rolled into the left side of the goal, and the Shenzhen team overtook the score 2-1; in the 91st minute, Memisevic received a cross from Jiang Xiangyou, and the shot with his right foot was saved by Dong Chunyu; after the end of the game, the Shenzhen team reversed 2-1 Defeat Beijing Guoan. (DD)

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Shenzhen team starting: 24-Dong Chunyu, 2-Ye Lijiang (U23), 5-Lin Caimin, 6-Pei Shuai, 21-Jiang Zhipeng, 26-Yuan Mincheng, 14-Zhang Yuan (67′ 8-Dai Weijun (U23)), 28-Li Yuanyi (84′ 23-Wu Xingyu (U23)), 29-Gao Lin, 38-Sun Ke (21′ 19-Xu Yue (U23)), 39-Wang Yongpo;

Substitutes: 32-Ji Jiabao (U23), 13-Xu Haofeng (U23), 25-Mi Haolun, 30-Huang Ruifeng (U23), 15-Wang Peng, 16-Zheng Dalun, 20-Liu Yue, 33-Du Yuezheng (U23), 18-Chen Xiangyu (U23);

Beijing Guoan starting: 1- Hou Sen, 3- Yu Yang, 5- Memisevic, 17- Jiang Xiangyou, 19- Liu Huan, 22- Yu Dabao, 27- Wang Gang, 6- Chi Zhongguo (66′ 28- Zhang Chengdong), 8-Piao Cheng (58′ 10-Zhang Xizhe), 34-Nabijiang-Mo Hemat (U23) (87′ 38-Ruan Qilong (U23)), 20-Zi Ziming (66′ 37-Cao Yongjing) );

Substitutes: 14-Zou Dehai, 36-Liang Shaowen(U23), 15-Gao Tianyi, 18-Jin Taiyan, 32-Liu Guobo(U23), 35-Chen Yanpu(U23), 30-Dabro, 31-Li Boxi(U23) .Return to Sohu, see more

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