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Chinese Super League-Larsson scored directly from a free kick to the Dalian People 1-0 Henan Songshan Dragon Gate_Game_Kalanga_Dorado

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Original title: Chinese Super League-Larson scored directly from a free kick to the Dalian people 1-0 Henan Songshan Longmen

At 19:30 on December 12, Beijing time, the second stage of the 2021 Chinese Super League continued. In the competition for the relegation group, the Dalianians faced the Longmen of Songshan, Henan. In the first half of the game, Larsson almost scored a goal. In the second half of the second half, Larsson scored directly from a free kick. In the end, the Dalianians defeated Henan Songshan Longmen 1-0.

In the first stage of the competition, the performance of Dalian people and Henan Songshan formed a sharp contrast. In Group A, the Henan team, ranked 5th, entered the relegation group by 3 points, while the Dalian native in Group B ranked 8th in this group, only gaining 2 wins, 1 loss, 11 draws and 7 points. . In terms of the starting lineup of this game, Dalian’s Larsson and Boateng started; Henan Kalanga and Dorado started the game.

After the game started, in the 9th minute, Larsson took a corner kick and was blocked. After he took the ball, he kicked it from a small angle and then hit it. The goalkeeper confiscated the ball. Subsequently, the referee whistled that Boateng, who had made the point before, interfered with the goalkeeper’s save in an offside position. In the 16th minute, the Henan team made a pass from the left, and Danielson made a mistake in a clearance. Dorado volleyed and was saved by the goalkeeper. In the 17th minute, Kalanga counterattacked with the ball in the middle circle and was knocked down by Wu Wei behind him. Wu Wei got a yellow card. Then Zhang Chong made a long pass from the backfield to the outside of the penalty area. Larsson stopped the ball and broke into the penalty area and hit the goal and was blocked. He got the ball at two points and played again. The ball wiped the left post and went out of the baseline.

In the 33rd minute, Zhao Xuri scored the ball to the left. Sun Guowen scored the ball inside and shot a low shot with his right foot, but Wang Guoming fell to the ground. In the 38th minute, Larsson opened a left corner kick to the penalty area, and Wang Zhen’ao was blocked after hitting the ball. In the 43rd minute, Li Shuai played with his teammates from the side and got a yellow card for a foul. At the last moment of the first half, the Henan team launched a counterattack, and Dorado’s shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. The referee signaled that the ball was offside. In the first half, the two sides temporarily tied 0-0.

The two sides changed sides in the second half to fight again. In the 53rd minute, Larsson took the ball from the right to pick a pass, and Boateng inserted a left foot volley and was blocked by Feng Boxuan. In the 68th minute, when Dong Yanfeng fell to the ground and tackled the ball and broke, Toure rushed to take to Dong Yanfeng’s face. The team doctor urgently entered the field for treatment. After a short treatment, Dong Yanfeng returned to the game. In the 70th minute, Dorado stopped the ball to escape from the penalty area and fell under the defense of Danielson. The referee did not say. In the 72nd minute, Kalanga delayed the Dalian player to serve a set ball and got a yellow card.

In the 77th minute, the Dalian native got a left-side set ball in the frontcourt. Li Shuai took the penalty and drove to the penalty area. In the middle, Danielson headed the goal high. In the 82nd minute, Wang Shangyuan tripped Tao Qianglong from the top of the backcourt and received a yellow card. Henan got a set ball outside the penalty area. Larsson took the penalty and chose to directly attack the goal. The ball hit Kalanga’s head and turned into the net. , Dalian People 1-0 Henan Songshan Longmen. In the end, the whole game ended, and the Dalianians beat Henan Songshan Longmen 1-0.

People from Dalian: 1-Zhang Chong, 4-Li Shuai, 16-Tong Lei, 22-Dong Yanfeng, 30-Marcus Danielson, 5-Wu Wei, 7-Zhao Xuri (73’26-Cui Mingan), 10- Sam Larson (85’31-Zheng Long), 11-Sun Guowen (90’18-He Yupeng (U23)), 21-Boateng (90’9-Sing Huanhuan (U23)), 34- Wang Zhenao (U23) (73’24-Tao Qianglong (U23))

Songshan Longmen, Henan: 19-Wang Guoming, 5-Gu Cao, 11-Ke Zhao (48’33-Dilimulati (U23)), 23-Shunich, 6-Wang Shangyuan, 20-Feng Boxuan (62’10) -Toure), 28-Ma Xingyu (45’30-Zhong Jinbao), 7-Kalanga, 9-Dorado, 25-Chen Hao (87’62-Wang Haoran (U23)), 32-Han Dong (U23) (87’12-Chen Pu)

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