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Chinese Super League-Liao Junjian scored a header in stoppage time and Meizhou 1-0 Guangzhou City in consecutive games_Han Jiaqi_Restricted area_Hakka

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Chinese Super League-Liao Junjian scored a header in stoppage time and Meizhou 1-0 Guangzhou City in consecutive games_Han Jiaqi_Restricted area_Hakka

Original title: Chinese Super League-Liao Junjian scored a header in stoppage time and Meizhou 1-0 Guangzhou City in a series of lore

At 19:30 on November 12th, Beijing time, in the 25th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League, Guangzhou City played against Meizhou Hakka. In the end, Meizhou Hakka defeated Guangzhou City 1-0 with Liao Junjian’s lore in stoppage time. Meizhou, which has completed two consecutive lore games, won 2 consecutive victories, while Guangzhou City suffered 3 consecutive losses.

Guangzhou City lost to Wuhan Yangtze River in front of them in the last round of the relegation key battle, and missed the best chance to kick the opponent into the relegation zone and “go ashore”. In this round, Guangzhou City faces a higher ranked team from the same province, Meizhou Hakka, and it is more difficult to win. However, for Guangzhou City, there is only one way to win, otherwise it will be very difficult to catch up with Wuhan Changjiang, who has just repaid some back wages in the next game. With the lore of the last round, Meizhou Hakka ended 3 rounds of invincibility. If they can continue their victory in this round, they are expected to enter the top eight. This game is nominally the home court of Guangzhou City, but due to the epidemic, the game was switched to the home court of Meizhou.

In the 8th minute, Meizhou left back Wang Wei made a 45° cross, Yang Chao jumped high in the penalty area and shook his head to attack the goal, Han Jiaqi lifted the ball over the crossbar with one palm. In the 14th minute, when Cardona and Shi Liang were fighting for a header, they were hit in the face by Shi Liang’s arm. Fortunately, the problem was not a big deal. After a simple treatment on the eyelid, a Band-Aid was attached to return to the court. In the 17th minute, Rodrigo cut in from the left and hit the goal, but the ball was blocked by the defender with his leg.

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In the 19th minute, Meizhou Hakka took a free kick from the frontcourt into the penalty area. The first point was knocked out by Guangzhou City. Yang Chao made a cross from the right. Dugalic headed the goal. Han Jiaqi responded quickly and lifted the ball over the crossbar. , to defuse a danger. Meizhou took a corner kick from the left, the ball went outside the penalty area, and Yang Chao volleyed wide. In the 21st minute, Meizhou teenager Cai Haochang sent a straight pass from the middle. Vukanovic successfully formed a single-handed ball against offside. Han Jiaqi dropped the goal and blocked the angle. Vukanovic took a low shot. Although the ball rolled from Han Jiaqi’s side Goal, but was cleared by Tang Miao who returned to defense.

In the 37th minute, when Vukanovic and Zhang Gong were fighting near the sideline, they both moved too much and had a verbal conflict. Fortunately, they were pulled away by teammates on both sides. In the 42nd minute, Guangzhou City head coach Li Weifeng was dissatisfied with the referee’s penalty on the sidelines. He had a verbal conflict with the referee Xing Qi and received a yellow card. In the 45th minute, Guillerme took the ball from the right side of the frontcourt and passed the ball diagonally to the rib of the penalty area. Unfortunately, the strength was slightly stronger, and Gui Hong did not touch the ball. At the end of half-time, the two sides temporarily scored a goalless draw.

Change sides to fight again. Just at the beginning of the game, Cardona scored the ball to the right, Liao Jiajun shot the far corner with his left foot, and the ball slightly missed the left post. In the 48th minute, Guillermé made a forcible breakthrough in the middle of the road against the multiplayer defense and was pulled to the ground from behind by Cai Haochang. Cai Haochang received a yellow card. Guillermé personally took the penalty and shot directly with his left foot. The ball went straight to the goal, bypassing the wall. Meizhou goalkeeper Hou Yu lifted the ball over the crossbar with one palm. In the 53rd minute, Meizhou’s left corner kick came to the goal. Dugalic grabbed a spot from the crowd and headed the goal. Although Han Jiaqi made a save, he didn’t touch the ball. Fortunately, the ball hit the crossbar and popped out.

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In the 56th minute, Yin Hongbo raised his foot too high in the midfield fight and almost got Zhang Gong’s head and got a yellow card. In the 59th minute, Li Yongjia split the ball to the left, Cardona made a right-footed cross, Guillermé headed the ball and hit the goalkeeper Hou Yu, who had completely opened his own right shoulder, and went out of the baseline. . In the 71st minute, the Meizhou Hakka bench was dissatisfied with the penalty, and defender Huo Liang received a yellow card. 1 minute later, Ye Chugui and Ru Zinan, who came off the bench, clashed while fighting on the sideline. The players from both sides quickly gathered around, but they were pulled apart by the referee team and the coaching staff of both sides. In the 74th minute, Guo Yi, who came off the bench in the second half, got the ball in the frontcourt.

In the 75th minute, two substitute players from Guangzhou City connected, Ye Chugui took a free kick from the left into the penalty area, Song Wenjie jumped high, shook his head and missed the goal when he interfered and lost his balance. In the 81st minute, Dugalic’s header from the backcourt made a clearance, but it hit the line of his penalty area. Ye Chugui got the ball and got rid of the defender’s lob shot from the far corner, and the ball came out wide. In the 90th minute, Yang Yihu, who came off the bench, made a cross from the left and Han Jiaqi hit the ball with a single punch. Liang Xueming knocked the ball horizontally. Ru Zinan shot long-range from the penalty area, and the ball went wide. In the 2nd minute of stoppage time, Meizhou took a free kick from the frontcourt into the penalty area and was pushed out by Yi Teng at the first point. Rodrigo took the ball from the right to the goal, and Liao Junjian headed the goal to complete the lore. In the end, Meizhou defeated Guangzhou City 1-0.

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(Yang Xixi)

Guangzhou City lineup (541): 22-Han Jiaqi (U23); 21-Chang Feiya, 19-Jiang Jihong, 20-Tang Miao, 18-Yi Teng, 35-Liao Jiajun (U23); 12-Guillerme (67) ’11-Ye Chugui), 38-Li Yongjia (U23) (88’15-Wang Peng), 4-Zhang Gong, 7-Cardona; 9-Gui Hong (55’29-Song Wenjie);

Substitutes: 1-Cheng Yuelei, 10-Li Tixiang, 11-Ye Chugui, 15-Wang Peng, 17-Fu Yuncheng, 29-Song Wenjie, 31-Zhang Jinliang(U23), 32-Chen Zhizhao, 37-Wen Yongjun(U23), 40-Yang Yang (U23), 43-Liu Jiqiang (U23), 44-Huang Kekai (U23);

Meizhou Hakka lineup (4231): 22- Hou Yu; 21- Wang Wei (80’17- Yang Yihu), 20- Dugalic, 6- Liao Junjian, 29- Ru Zinan; 28- Cai Haochang (U23) (67’37-Chen Guokang (U23)), 13-Shi Liang (80’8-Liang Xueming); 25-Rodrigo-Enrique, 10-Yin Hongbo, 16-Yang Chao (46’7-Guo Yi); 9-Vukanovic (67’23-Cui Wei);

Substitutes: 1-Mai Gaoling, 2-Wen Junjie, 7-Guo Yi, 8-Liang Xueming, 11-Jison, 12-Yin Congyao, 17-Yang Yihu, 18-Huo Liang, 19-Yang Yilin(U23), 23-Cui Wei, 32-Xu Lei (U23), 37-Chen Guokang (U23).

Yellow cards: Guangzhou City: 89′ Song Wenjie; Meizhou: 48′ Cai Haochang, 56′ Yin Hongbo, 61′ Liao Junjian, 71′ Huo Liang, 85′ Liang Xueming. Referee: Xing Qi.Return to Sohu, see more


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