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Chinese Super League-Mushekui Evolo made great achievements and Gaudi beat Zhejiang 3-0 to send Hebei 8 consecutive defeats_Frank_Restricted Area_Cheng Jin

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Chinese Super League-Mushekui Evolo made great achievements and Gaudi beat Zhejiang 3-0 to send Hebei 8 consecutive defeats_Frank_Restricted Area_Cheng Jin

Original title: Chinese Super League – Mushekui Evolo made a contribution to the ground, and Gaudi beat Zhejiang 3-0 to send Hebei 8 consecutive defeats

At 19:30 on August 28th, Beijing time, the 15th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League will continue, with the Zhejiang team playing at home against the Hebei team. Only 4 minutes into the opening, Mu Xiekui opened the scoring for the Zhejiang team. In the 25th minute, Gaudi cut to the ground to expand the lead. In the 39th minute, Evolo made a headbutt. In the second half, the Zhejiang team made no further achievements. In the end, they defeated the Hebei team 3-0 and remained unbeaten in the past 6 rounds, while the Hebei team lost 8 consecutive games.

Although the Zhejiang team maintained an unbeaten record of nearly 5 rounds, they have drawn 1-1 with their opponents in two consecutive games. The opponent in the first draw is the mighty Shanghai Seaport, 1 point is acceptable. But head coach Jody was not satisfied with the draw with the Cangzhou Lions in the last game, especially since the team did not seize the opportunity to score. The opponent Hebei team in this round has conceded as many as 14 goals in the past two games, and has conceded 41 goals and scored only 9 goals in 14 games. The 7-game losing streak Hebei team has fallen into the quagmire of relegation and it is difficult to get out.

In the 3rd minute, before Evolo crossed the penalty area from the right, Mu Xiekui shot low from the near corner, and Hebei goalkeeper Bao Yaxiong fell to the ground and saved the ball from the baseline. In the 4th minute, the Zhejiang team won a right corner kick. Gaudi had just placed the ball. Cheng Jin immediately drove the ball into the penalty area. Neither side touched the ball at the front point. 1-0 lead. In the 7th minute, before Frank made a long pass to the penalty area, Cheng Jin took advantage of the situation to pad into the penalty area, and Mu Xiekui shot in front of the goal. The ball passed Bao Yaxiong and also missed the left post.

In the 13th minute, Gao Huaze picked a pass from the penalty area, Yao Xuchen stepped into the penalty area to grab a spot and collided with Zhejiang goalkeeper Gu Chao, but Yao Xuchen was offside. In the 18th minute, Frank made a direct pass, Gaudi got the ball back from the penalty area and knocked it back. Evolo volleyed the ball and went over the crossbar. In the 24th minute, Frank cleverly knocked the ball with his heel. Evolo leaned away from the defender and turned around and sent the ball to the penalty spot. Mu Xiekui led the ball with his back and Gaudi volleyed the ball over the crossbar. In the 25th minute, Gaudí took the ball from the left and cut inside, 20 meters away from the goal, and kicked a wonderful touch to the ground.

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In the 28th minute, Evolo made a cross from the right. Frank stopped the ball and failed to control it and could only pass it back. Cheng Jin volleyed the ball, and the ball was hit by Pan Ximing and flew off the crossbar. In the 39th minute, the Zhejiang team took a corner kick from the left. Zhang Jiaqi headed the ball forward and then rubbed the ball. Evolo headed the ball in the middle, and the ball flew into the goal. Zhejiang led 3-0. In the 42nd minute, Ding Haifeng knocked down Evolo from the side while defending in the frontcourt. The referee Dai Yige showed him a yellow card. Ding Haifeng signaled that he had touched the ball first. Liang Nuoheng and Zhang Junzhe came forward for their teammates and had a verbal conflict, for which Liang Nuoheng received a yellow card. At the end of the half, the Zhejiang team temporarily led the Hebei team 3-0.

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After changing sides to fight again, the Zhejiang team changed two people in a row. Liang Nuoheng and Zhang Jiaqi, who were carrying a yellow card, were replaced, and Sun Zhengao and Long Wei appeared. The Hebei team also replaced Luo Shipeng who was injured near the end of the first half with Ren Wei. In the 52nd minute, the Hebei team counterattacked and was defended by Zhejiang. Frank scored the ball to the right. Evolo made an oblique pass in front of the goal. Frank inserted into the small penalty area line and shook his head to attack the goal and missed the back post. In the 59th minute, Frank divided the ball to the right, Dong Yu made an oblique pass to the penalty area, Mu Xiekui headed the goal from the spot under the interference of the defender, without the top position, the ball was obtained by Bao Yaxiong.

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In the 68th minute, Matthews, who had just replaced Frank, got the ball from the right and sent a straight pass. Gaudi slanted into the penalty area to form a single-pole shot that missed the right post. In the 73rd minute, Cheng Jin took a right corner kick to the middle, Mu Xiekui jumped high and shook his head to attack the goal. 2 minutes later, Gu Bin, who came off the bench, went straight, Mu Xiekui took the ball with his back, and Matthews took the ball and shot from the far corner, wide of the left post.

In the 81st minute, Wei Yuren took the ball from the left and failed to break through and then moved to the right. Xu Tianyuan got the ball and passed the ball diagonally into the penalty area. Yao Xuchen stepped in front of the goal and wanted to head the goal. . In the 86th minute, Xu Tianyuan counterattacked and stepped on a bicycle but failed, but the ball was cut off. Cheng Jin advanced the counterattack to the left, Gaudi got the ball and knocked back before the penalty area. Hughes shot again from outside the penalty area, and Zhang Junzhe blocked the ball out of the baseline. In the end, Zhejiang defeated Hebei 3-0.

(Yang Xixi)

Zhejiang team lineup (4141): 1-Gu Chao; 20-Wang Dongsheng, 2-Liang Nuoheng (46’4-Sun Zhengao), 36-Lucas, 19-Dong Yu (82’18-Abulikmu ); 29-Zhang Jiaqi (46’17-Longwei); 9-Gaudi, 11-Frank (64’10-Matthews), 22-Cheng Jin, 7-Evolo (64’31-Gu Bin) ;30-Mushekwe;

Substitutes: 12-Lai Jinfeng, 33-Zhao Bo, 3-Wang Yan, 4-Sun Zhengao, 6-Yao Junsheng, 8-Zhong Haoran, 10-Matthews, 17-Longwei, 18-Abulikmu (U23 ), 23-Wu Yuhang (U23), 28-Yue Xin, 31-Gu Bin;

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Hebei team lineup (4231): 30-Bao Yaxiong; 32-Ding Haifeng, 4-Pan Ximing, 6-Zhang Junzhe, 21-Cui Lin (82’16-Liu Jing); 42-Gao Yunan (U23) (64’19- Wei Yuren (U23)), 8-Yao Daogang; 20-Gao Huaze (64’7-Xu Tianyuan), 17-Song Xintao (U23), 11-Yao Xuchen (U23) (82’25-Liao Wei (U23));39- Luo Shipeng (U23) (46’22-Ren Wei);

Substitutes: 34-Pang Jiajun(U23), 3-Luan Haodong, 7-Xu Tianyuan, 14-Chen Yunhua(U23), 16-Liu Jing, 19-Wei Yuren(U23), 22-Ren Wei, 23-Zhang Jiahui(U23), 24- Zhang Yu (U23), 25-Liao Wei (U23), 29-Yang Chenyu (U23), 45-Zhao Ziye (U23).

Yellow cards: Zhejiang: 42′ Liang Nuoheng, 45+1′ Wang Dongsheng; Hebei: 42′ Ding Haifeng. Referee: Dai Yige.Return to Sohu, see more

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