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Chinese Super League preview: Guoan may make mistakes in sending Guangzhou team to the abyss of Luhu vs. Taishan?

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Chinese Super League preview: Guoan may make mistakes in sending Guangzhou team to the abyss of Luhu vs. Taishan?

Original title: Chinese Super League Prospects: Guoan may make mistakes in sending the Guangzhou team to the abyss in Luhu vs Taishan

From October 29th to 30th, Beijing time, the 20th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League is about to be contested. There will be many focus battles in this round. The Hebei team will have a direct dialogue with Guangzhou City in the relegation battle. If the Beijing-Guangdong team Guangzhou team loses The ball is likely to be overtaken by Guangzhou City, and Luhu vs. Taishan will slow down his pace to catch up with the three towns?

Hebei Team VS Guangzhou City

The Hebei team lost 1-2 in the last round to the Shenzhen team, which was also in poor condition. At present, they still only have 3 points, ranking the last place. The gap in strength has basically locked them in a relegation spot. The current situation of the team can only be played a game. Guangzhou City had a chance to score 3 points in the last round, but the controversial penalty at the last moment ruined the team’s 90-minute efforts. At present, Guangzhou City and Guangzhou team have 12 points, so if Guangzhou City can win this relegation battle Hebei team, they will likely overtake Guangzhou team to rise to 16th in the standings, and their hopes of relegation have greatly increased.

Changchun Yatai VS Meizhou Hakka

Yatai currently has 6 wins, 8 draws and 7 losses, ranking 11th with 26 points. They were defeated by Guoan 1-0 at home in the last round, but the new aid Zoey made his debut and performed well. If nothing else, this game He will also have the opportunity to start for the first time in the game, but the team’s other two foreign aids, Junior and Sergio, are not in good condition, which will definitely affect the offensive efficiency of the Yatai team. Meizhou Hakka defeated Shanghai Haigang 0-7 in the last round, and fell to 8th in the standings. After a big defeat, the team urgently needs to boost morale with victory, so the Meizhou team is bound to score 3 points in this game .

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Shanghai Shenhua VS Cangzhou Lions

Shenhua tied Guangzhou City 1-1 in the last round. The team currently ranks third with 41 points, only 1 point ahead of Shanghai Seaport. Although there are only two foreign players in the team, Shenhua has shown tenacity this season. It can be said that it is the strongest of the 18 teams. If you want to keep the third place, you must win this game. The Cangzhou team lost 0-3 to the Henan team in the last round, but the team has no worries about relegation for the time being. After reinforcements, the striker led by Kante smashed the Quartet and was not sealed until the last round. Therefore, this game is against For Shenhua’s defense, it will be a huge test.

Shenzhen Team VS Henan Songshan Longmen

The Shenzhen team defeated the vice squad leader Hebei team 2-1 in the last round, temporarily easing the team’s invincible crisis. Veteran Gao Lin scored twice to recover. After winning, the Shenzhen team’s points rose to 24 points, and the ranking also came to 12th. Basically, there is no danger of relegation, but this game against the upper-ranked Henan team will definitely be another hard fight. The Henan team won Cangzhou 3-0 in the last game. The midfielder led by foreign aid Pina performed well. This round will be the second game of the Henan team’s 5 consecutive away games. Bringing a lot of tests, if you want to keep the 5th ranking, these road trips must be played well.

Beijing Guoan VS Guangzhou Team

Guoan has been brave in recent rounds. Stanley has remained unbeaten since he took office. In the last round, he beat Yatai 1-0 away and completed a clean sheet. Although the team ranked seventh, it was only 3 away from the fifth-placed Henan team. The difference in points, a game may bring about a reversal. In the past few years, the Beijing-Guangdong War has been the focus of the Chinese Super League, but this game is likely to be one-sided, and the Guangzhou team will basically not bring much trouble to Guoan. In the last round of the game, facing the strong enemy Taishan, the Guangzhou team lost 3 goals, and the appearance of many veteran players could not solve the huge gap in the team’s strength. If they lose this game, they are likely to be overtaken by Guangzhou City behind them. Come, the team’s relegation situation will be hard to say optimistic.

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Wuhan Three Towns VS Chengdu Rongcheng

Sanzhen ushered in the comeback of many domestic and foreign aids in the last round of competition, and the team finally defeated Dalian 4-0, leading Taishan by 3 points in the standings. After the return of the strong aid, Sanzhen has rediscovered Returning to the feeling of victory, the previous two-game losing streak was only an episode, and this game against Chengdu is likely to be a “minimum consumption”. The Chengdu team drew 1-1 with the Zhejiang team in the last round. Currently, they have 8 wins, 8 draws and 5 losses. They are ranked 9th with 32 points. Like the other two newly-promoted horses, they have no worries about relegation. So what is their fighting spirit against the leaders? , which will determine the final result of the game.

Tianjin Jinmen Tigers VS Zhejiang Team

The Jinmen Tigers defeated Wuhan Yangtze River 3-1 in the last round, and the team’s state has rebounded. It is currently ranked 10th, 3 points behind the team in front of and behind, so the result of this game is likely to affect the team. ranking. The opponent Zhejiang team in this round, as a newly promoted team, has been undefeated in 13 rounds. The last time they lost was the 0-1 loss to Henan team in the 8th round. Several foreign players in the team are outstanding, especially veterans Mu Xiekui and Matthews. If the Jinmen Tigers want to end the 13-round unbeaten run of the Zhejiang team, these two have to defend.

Dalian VS Wuhan Yangtze River

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The Dalian natives lost 0-4 to the three towns of Wuhan in the last round. The difference in strength makes the Dalian natives unable to fight back. Fortunately, the team has no worries about relegation for the time being. Another good news is that the foreign aid Bosanjic has recovered from injury. , training with the team, this game may come back. On the other hand, Wuhan Yangtze River, the team lost 1-3 to the Jinmen Tigers in the last round. They have suffered a 7-game losing streak and their morale is low. They are only 5 points ahead of the relegation zone in the standings. If they lose again, they will fall into the relegation zone. , And if they can’t win this round, they will be opened by at least 5 points of the Dalian people in front of them, and there is little hope of catching up.

Shandong Taishan VS Shanghai Seaport

The Luhu battle will be the most watched one in this round. The Taishan team won the Guangzhou team 3-0 in the last round, and Wu Xinghan and Jia Desong both returned, which is very important for the team to play against Haigang. If Taishan cannot win the harbor, there is a high probability that the difference will continue to be widened. The Taishan team has made similar mistakes in previous games. However, their opponent Shanghai Haigang has been in a state of greatness recently. In the last round, they beat Meizhou 7-0. Wu Lei scored a hat-trick. The offensive line formed by him, Valdes and Paulinho will create huge difficulties for the Taishan defense line. , If they can score away points, then they are likely to overtake Shenhua in the standings and rise to third place. (DD)Return to Sohu, see more


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