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Chinese Super League Prospects: The three towns in Taishan staged a championship battle, and the Guangzhou Derby relegated to the dead – yqqlm

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Chinese Super League Prospects: The three towns in Taishan staged a championship battle, and the Guangzhou Derby relegated to the dead – yqqlm

Original title: Chinese Super League Prospects: The three towns in Taishan staged a championship battle, and the Guangzhou Derby was relegated

From September 13th to 14th, Beijing time, the 18th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League will start with 5 games, and the remaining 4 games will be postponed due to the epidemic. However, in the 5 games of this first game, Guangzhou Derby and Taishan will play at home The competition in the three towns is the most eye-catching, one is the relegation battle, and the other is the Tianwangshan battle for the championship, which is not to be missed.

Guangzhou City VS Guangzhou Team

The 17th round of Guangzhou City was postponed, so their last match was in the 16th round on September 3. After the coaching change, Guangzhou City defeated Tianjin Jinmen Tigers 2-0 upset, which also made their road to relegation difficult. Dawn now. At present, Guangzhou City has one game less and ranks second to last in the standings with 6 points, but if they can win the Guangzhou team, they will narrow the difference to 2 points. In the 17th round of the match, the Guangzhou team played one more player to draw 0-0 with the Jinmen Tigers, and missed the opportunity to get 3 points. The veteran Hao Junmin made his debut in this game, and his appearance really gave The Guangzhou team’s midfield helped a lot, and it became one of their biggest weapons against Guangzhou City.

Beijing Guoan VS Hebei Team

The Guoan team’s 17th round was also postponed. They were tied 2-2 by Zhejiang team in the last game. After the coaching change, there were not many bright spots. It may take time for new coach Stanley to adjust. However, against the bottom-ranked Hebei team in this game, Guoan seems to have the best chance to try. After all, the overall strength of the Hebei team is not strong. They were just defeated by the Meizhou team 6-0 in the last round of the league, and they have lost 50 in 16 games. The ball, if the Guoan team plays well in this game, it will be another big victory, and Zhang Yuning can also take this opportunity to catch up with Malkang in the scorer list.

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Meizhou Hakka VS Zhejiang Team

This game is a duel between two big dark horses. Meizhou Hakka is currently ranked 5th with 29 points in one less game, while Zhejiang team is 1 point behind, and the two teams are evenly matched. The Meizhou team just beat the Hebei team 6-0 in the 17th round, while the Zhejiang team drew 1-1 with Shenhua. As newly-promoted horses this season, the performance of the two teams exceeded expectations. The state of the players is much better than most of the Chinese Super League teams. This is really rare in the Chinese Super League after the Jinyuan bubble burst. I believe this game will be as exciting as the championship and relegation drama.

Shandong Taishan VS Wuhan Three Towns

This game is the most interesting one in this round. The second-ranked Shandong Taishan will face the unbeaten Wuhan Sanzhen at home, and the three towns are currently leading by 4 points in two games less. It is conceivable that Taishan How much pressure is on the team. If the Taishan team can’t take advantage of the home field to win the three towns, the points will be expanded to 7 points. I am afraid that no team will stop the three towns from winning the championship. If Taishan can snipe the three towns, then the championship suspense will continue to remain. . After losing to Shenhua in the last game, Hao Wei suffered a collective condemnation from Shandong fans. This game will become Hao Wei’s redemption battle. Facing the attack group led by Malkang, let’s see how the Taishan crowd will respond.

Henan Songshan Longmen VS Tianjin Jinmen Tigers

Both the 16th and 17th rounds of the Henan team were postponed, so they got a rare rest time. The last match dates back to the 15th round at the end of August. They defeated the Guangzhou team 2-1, which is worth mentioning. The thing is, their newly introduced foreign aid Carrillo recently arrived in Hangzhou for quarantine, and will definitely not be able to play in this game. The Jinmen Tigers have not performed very well recently. They first lost 0-2 to Guangzhou City, who changed coaches, and then drew 0-0 with Guangzhou team. They only scored 1 point in the two relegation teams. Obviously, the team has failed. There are some problems, but fortunately, the Jinmen Tigers are currently ranked 10th, and there is no worry of relegation, but if they continue to fail to score points, it does not rule out that they will increase the pressure of relegation.

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Changchun Yatai VS Shenzhen Team (game postponed)

The 16th and 17th rounds of Yatai and Shenzhen Football were postponed. The last match of the two teams was a make-up match of the 12th round. Yatai lost 0-1 to Chengdu Rongcheng, and Shenzhen lost Dalian 1-5. People, it was also in that game that Shenzhen Football coach Li Zhangzhu left his post, which made it even worse for the already turbulent team. The overall strength of Shenzhen Football is not weak, and there are active international players in the team, but the team’s problems are off the field, and the players’ anger has been reduced to the lowest level, but the situation of Yatai is not very good. They are currently only ranked in the ranking In 11th place, the two teams meet in this round can be described as a duel between brothers and sisters.

Shanghai Seaport VS Chengdu Rongcheng (match postponed)

The 16th, 17th, and 18th rounds of Haigang were postponed. Their last match was the 12th round, and they were tied 0-0 by the Cangzhou Lions. Before this round against the Chengdu team, they will meet in the supplementary match. Henan team and Guangzhou City have played 3 games in a row in a short period of time. This is a test for the physical fitness of Haigang team players, but fortunately, Haigang has made supplements in the transfer window. Wu Lei and others are likely to make their debut in Comes in these few make-up games. Before this game, the Chengdu team should have a make-up match with the Henan team first, and they played against two strong teams in a row, which also tested the Chengdu team’s resilience.

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Wuhan Yangtze River VS Cangzhou Lions (match postponed)

The three games of Wuhan Yangtze River were also postponed. Their last game went back to the 15th round, when they lost 1-2 to Shandong Taishan. In the make-up match in late September, Wuhan Changjiang will first play against Shenzhen team and Changchun Yatai, and then compete with Cangzhou. Wuhan Changjiang is temporarily ranked 12th in the standings, and the pressure of relegation is not very great. In contrast, Cangzhou only leads. The Guangzhou team scored 1 point, but after the reinforcements in the summer window, their strength has improved. Before that, they drew 0-0 with Haigang. I believe this will undoubtedly add a lot of confidence to their road to relegation.

Dalian VS Shanghai Shenhua (match postponed)

The Dalian natives have also been postponed for 3 games. Before the match against Shenhua, they will compete with the Hebei team and Beijing Guoan. The Dalian natives have been reinforced by the summer window, and their team strength has been improved by a notch. Previously, they beat the Shenzhen team 5-1. , If they want to avoid relegation, they must win the game against Hebei, and the subsequent games with Guoan and Shenhua are not easy to play. Shenhua drew 1-1 with the Zhejiang team in the last round of the league. The team was seriously injured, but the good thing was that veteran players such as Han Chao played well. Against the Dalian natives, I am afraid that Shenhua will still focus on defensive counterattacks, while Xie Hui and Wu Jingui The contest is also one of the highlights of this game. (DD)Return to Sohu, see more


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