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Chinese Super League Prospects: Will the leader Guoan suffer two consecutive minimum purchases? _Competition_Hebei Team_Foreign aid

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Chinese Super League Prospects: Will the leader Guoan suffer two consecutive minimum purchases? _Competition_Hebei Team_Foreign aid

Original title: Chinese Super League Prospects: Will the leader Guoan suffer two consecutive minimum purchases?

On August 11, Beijing time, the 12th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League will be contested. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, some games in the 12th round cannot be played. After adjustment by the Football Association and the organizer, a total of 6 games will be played in this round. The competition for the game, 2 of which are the 16th round. Although there are only 6 games, there are still many focus games in this round, among which Wuhan Sanzhen VS Beijing Guoan and Henan Songshan Longmen VS Meizhou Hakka are particularly concerned.

#Let’s look at the 12th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League#

Hebei Team VS Tianjin Jinmen Tigers

The Hebei team and the Jinmen Tigers both lost in the first round after the hiatus. Among them, the Hebei team lost 0-1 to the relegation opponent Chengdu Rongcheng, and the Jinmen Tigers lost 0-1 to Shandong Taishan. In the round of duel, Jinmen Tiger naturally hopes to win the Hebei team that is deeply in the relegation zone to revive the morale.

Jinmen Tigers has 5 major foreign aids, and the team’s strength is definitely above the Hebei team in the All-China class, especially the newly introduced foreign aid midfielder Merida. Although he did not start the game in the last round, he took over directly after coming off the bench. Thanks to Jinmen Tiger’s midfield organization, accurate passing and excellent dribbling, it can be said to be plug and play. Against the Hebei team, Merida will most likely make the first appearance. The attacking combination he formed with Rosa and Beric is believed to cause great trouble to the Hebei team’s back line.

Wuhan Sanzhen VS Beijing Guoan

The match between Wuhan Three Towns and Beijing Guoan is the most focused event in this round. The upstart leaders PK old-fashioned powerhouses. It is worth looking forward to whether the three towns can continue their victory. In the last round of matches, Malcon, Davidson and others were hidden in the three towns of Wuhan, and the team still easily won Guangzhou City with a score of 3-0. Coach Pedro arranged a large part of the reason for staying in the game against Beijing Guoan. I believe this game The three towns will have the strongest lineup in the game, and their terrifying attack power of over 3 goals per game will always test Guoan’s aging back line.

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Beijing Guoan’s performance after the off-season was not good. In the last round, they lost 0-3 to the Henan team. The back line led by Yu Dabao was full of loopholes and was completely destroyed by Dorado and others. 14 goals conceded in 11 rounds is also the top 8 team. Originally, Guoan’s goal at the beginning of the season was to compete for the championship. However, given the current strength of the team and the fact that they are 15 points behind, the championship is no longer realistic. If it can’t be stopped in time Stay down, and even the possibility of competing for the top 4 will disappear.

Guangzhou Team VS Chengdu Rongcheng

The Guangzhou team lost 0-2 to the Cangzhou Lions, which are also relegation teams, in the last round, and the difference between the two teams has widened to 4 points, and the relegation situation is becoming unclear. However, the good news for the team is that Zhang Xiuwei and Li Xuepeng have returned, and Zhang Xiuwei has already started in the last round, and his performance is acceptable. In this game, against the Chengdu team, which is full of foreign aid, I am afraid that it will have to rely on the personal abilities of Wei Shihao, Zhang Xiuwei and others to achieve a satisfactory result.

On the other hand, Chengdu Rongcheng, after winning the Hebei team in the last round, has won 3 consecutive victories, with strong morale, and foreign aid Felipe broke his own goal shortage. I wonder if this goal will bring him good luck. The team currently ranks 10th with 15 points. For the Chengdu team, which aims to avoid relegation this season, this ranking is obviously beyond the team’s expectations. In this game, the Chengdu team is also eager to defeat the Guangzhou team and win 4 consecutive victories. And thus again away from the relegation zone.

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Cangzhou Lions VS Shandong Taishan

The Cangzhou Lions got off to a good start with a 2-0 victory over the Guangzhou team after the interim period, which is easily reminiscent of the first stage. They also defeated Guoan in the first game, but they failed to win in the next 9 games. , against Mount Taishan in Shandong this round, the players in Cangzhou are likely to have more luck than luck. The team is currently 4 points ahead of the relegation zone, and the relegation situation is taking the initiative. However, the injury of Suzu, the core of the defense, is in the future, Mihajlovic is embarrassed, and only Oscar is left to support the team. Chi has to think of a way.

Shandong Taishan defeated the Jinmen Tigers 1-0 in the last round of the league. Foreign striker Kleisang scored in 5 consecutive games and was in a hot state. However, after Guo Tianyu’s return, he was in a mediocre state and could not find the feeling of last season for a long time. To score or have to rely on Cressan’s play. In midfield, Fellaini is still plagued by injuries, and another foreign aid, Sun Zhunhao, will return to China on the 11th, so Moises will continue to provoke organizational responsibility. This round, the leaders of the three towns faced a test against Guoan, and the Taishan team ushered in an excellent opportunity to chase points. In all aspects, it is difficult for the Cangzhou Lions to create difficulties for Taishan.

Henan Songshan Longmen VS Meizhou Hakka

This game should be regarded as the second most watched event in this round. Both Henan and Meizhou have exceeded expectations this season. The former can be said to be the dark horse of the championship contending group, while the latter, as a newly-promoted horse, currently ranks 6th and performed equally well. . The Henan team defeated Guoan 3-0 in the last round, won 4 consecutive victories, scored 26 goals in 11 rounds, second only to the three towns of Wuhan, and conceded only 9 goals on the defensive end, Kalanga, Dorado , Huang Zichang’s offensive combination will pose a huge test to the Meizhou team.

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The Meizhou team defeated the Wuhan Yangtze River 2-1 in the last round, raising the team’s points to 17 points. This round against the Henan team with the same foreign aid, it will usher in the most difficult opponent so far this season. The success of Meizhou is inseparable from the performance of the team’s foreign aids Kosovic and Dugalic. The former has scored 3 goals and 5 assists, while the latter led the defense and only lost in 11 rounds. 10 goals, I believe this game will be a wonderful game.

Guangzhou City VS Wuhan Yangtze River

Guangzhou City lost 0-3 to the three towns of Wuhan in the last round, and won the longest 9-game losing streak in team history. If it wasn’t for the second round of Dalian people’s violation of the rules, Guangzhou City would have lost 11 consecutive games. 5 goals + 29 goals conceded, also the least and most among the 18 teams. Although Wuhan Yangtze River has poor morale and lost in the last round, in terms of team strength, it is still above Guangzhou City. If nothing else, Guangzhou City will probably break their losing streak again, and they may also Will be the first team to seal the relegation spot. (DD)Return to Sohu, see more


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