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Chinese Super League | Wu Lei and Xu Xin are absent due to injuries, Haigang Reappearance is unable to lose to Guoan 0-1 – yqqlm

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Chinese Super League | Wu Lei and Xu Xin are absent due to injuries, Haigang Reappearance is unable to lose to Guoan 0-1 – yqqlm

Original title: Chinese Super League | Wu Lei and Xu Xin were absent due to injuries, and Haigang Reappearance was unable to defeat Guoan 0-1

The 21st round of the 2022 Chinese Super League will continue on the evening of October 5th. The Shanghai Haigang team, which was hit by injuries, lost 0-1 to Beijing Guoan and missed its four-game winning streak. The only goal in the game came in the 22nd minute. The Guoan team sent a corner kick from the left into the small penalty area. Neither team reached the first point. In the chaos, the ball just landed at the feet of Gao Tianyi, who easily pushed and hit.

The absence of two important players due to injury has undoubtedly become an important reason for the weak performance of the Haigang team. Among them, Wu Lei suffered a rib injury after colliding with the opponent’s player in the previous game and had to miss the game. In addition, Xu Xin also Couldn’t make it to the roster due to injury. Xu Xin’s absence has greatly reduced the Haigang team’s control ability in the midfield and frontcourt, while Wu Lei’s absence has caused a lot of changes in the Haigang team’s offensive routine.

As soon as the game started, Beijing Guoan immediately launched a fierce and aggressive frontcourt pressing, with the momentum of swallowing the opponent in one bite. In less than 1 minute of the opening, Zhang Yuning shot a high-quality long-range shot from outside the penalty area, and the ball rubbed the column and slipped out of the baseline; in the 7th minute, Zhang Xizhe set the ball to the goal from a long distance, and Yan Junling lifted the ball over the crossbar with one palm. . Subsequently, the Guoan team continued to use high positions to threaten the goal of the Haigang team. In addition to the goal in the 22nd minute, Guoan had several good chances to score goals. On the other hand, the Haigang team played very passively in the game, although Paulinho He and Vargas did their best, but there were only a handful of threatening attacks in the frontcourt.

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After changing sides, the Haigang team strengthened their offensive efforts. Among them, Paulinho and Vargas increased the number of long-range shots. Li Ang and Jiang Guangtai of the three central defenders also strengthened their wing attacks. This adjustment made Haigang. The team’s offense is a lot vigorous, but even so, the team still hasn’t been able to get too many threatening opportunities. Among them, the performance of center Ndiaye is especially worth mentioning. As the single arrow of the Haigang team in this game, N’Diaye failed to play the role of the offensive fulcrum in the game at all. Whether it was holding the ball behind his back, heading the ball or breaking through, there was no bright spot. To a certain extent, The port team’s weakness in this campaign has a great relationship with his poor performance. In the 53rd minute, Vargas broke into the penalty area from the right and made an inverted triangle pass. Ndiaye shot without defense, but the ball missed the goal; a few minutes later, Vargas sent a precise cross from the left. N’Diaye’s header was unintelligible, and he didn’t hit the right spot at all.

On the one hand, the Haigang team’s long-term attack was fruitless, and on the other hand, the Guoan team almost knocked on the opponent’s goal again. In the stoppage time of the whole game, Zhang Yuning stopped the ball outside the penalty area and turned to shoot in one go, the ball hit the post and popped out; two minutes later, Adebenro shot in the penalty area, the ball hit the goal post again and popped out.

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After the game, Haigang player Wang Shenchao said that the absence of Wu Lei and Xu Xin did have a great impact on the team. “In general, this game played what the coach asked for, but the ability to seize opportunities was not very good. It is not appropriate to lose the ball from the set ball, these problems need to be summed up.” (Photo/Official live broadcast)

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