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Chinese Team Wins First Gold Medal in E-sports at Hangzhou Asian Games

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The Hangzhou Asian Games witnessed a historic moment in the world of e-sports as the first gold medal was awarded in the event. The Chinese team emerged victorious in the final of the Honor of Kings Asian Games version, defeating the Malaysian team with a score of 2:0 to clinch the championship.

E-sports made its official debut as an event at the Hangzhou Asian Games, featuring a total of seven competitions, including League of Legends, Peace Elite, Dota, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, Street Fighter 5, and Football Online 4. This recognition of e-sports as an official event further highlights its growing popularity on the global stage.

The Chinese team had been deemed as the frontrunners in the Honor of Kings tournament, thanks to their outstanding prowess in the game. According to the regulations, each team participating in the Asian Games version of Honor of Kings can register up to six players, with five players allowed to compete in each match. The Chinese team’s registered players included Sun Linwei, Luo Siyuan, Lin Heng, Chi Xiaoming, Xu Bicheng, and Jiang Tao.

As a seed team, the Chinese squad advanced directly to the quarterfinals of the Honor of Kings Asian Games version. They demonstrated their dominance by defeating the Myanmar team with a flawless score of 2:0. In the semi-finals, they faced the Thai team and continued their winning streak by securing another 2:0 victory.

In the highly anticipated final held on the evening of September 26, the Chinese team went head-to-head against the Malaysian team. With their superior overall strength, the Chinese players left little room for their opponents to maneuver, ultimately claiming a resounding 2:0 victory and clinching the gold medal. This triumph marked the first-ever e-sports gold medal in the history of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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Meanwhile, in the battle for third place in the Honor of Kings Asian Games version, the Thai team emerged as triumphant over the Vietnamese team with a convincing 2:0 win, securing the bronze medal.

The significance of e-sports being included as an official event in the Hangzhou Asian Games cannot be understated. The rise of e-sports has become a global phenomenon, attracting millions of fans worldwide. It is a testament to the growing recognition and acceptance of e-sports as a legitimate form of sport.

With this historic achievement, the Chinese team has not only showcased their exceptional skills but also solidified their position as one of the powerhouses in the world of e-sports. The success of e-sports at the Hangzhou Asian Games further cements its place as a legitimate and competitive sport on a global scale.

Original title: (Hangzhou Asian Games) The first e-sports gold medal was born at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The Honor of Kings Asian Games version of the Chinese team won the championship.
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