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Chinese Women’s Chess Team Dominates and Wins Gold at Asian Games

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Chinese Team Wins Women’s Chess Team Championship at Hangzhou Asian Games

21 October 2023

Hangzhou, China – In an impressive display of talent and skill, the Chinese women’s chess team emerged victorious in the women’s team chess competition at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The team, composed of players Zhu Jin’er, Tan Zhongyi, Zhai Mo, and Hou Yifan, secured the gold medal after a series of intense matches.

The women’s team competition consisted of nine rounds, with each round awarding 2 points to the winner and 1 point for a tie. After nine rounds, the Chinese team claimed the top spot in the standings with 8 wins, 1 draw, and a total of 17 points. The Indian team and Kazakhstan team finished in second and third place, respectively.

On October 7, the Chinese team faced off against the UAE team in the ninth round. The match was a fiercely contested battle of wits and strategy, showcasing the immense talent of the Chinese players. The team’s performance was truly exceptional, with Hou Yifan earning a notable 8 points in 9 rounds, solidifying her reputation as the “chess queen” and serving as the anchor of the team. Tan Zhongyi, Zhu Jin’er, and Zhai Mo also showcased their skills, contributing to the team’s overall success.

Ni Hua, coach of the Chinese chess team, expressed his pride in the team’s performance, stating, “The girls performed exceptionally well in this Asian Games, especially Hou Yifan, who demonstrated absolute strength and consistency. Tan Zhongyi, Zhu Jin’er, and Zhai Mo also showed great stability. As a result, we secured the championship ahead of schedule.”

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In the men’s team competition, the Iranian team emerged as the champions, with the Indian team securing the runner-up position, and the Uzbekistan team claiming third place.

The Hangzhou Asian Games have proven to be a platform for showcasing the immense talent and dedication of chess players from all over Asia. The Chinese women’s team’s victory is a testament to the nation’s commitment to excellence in the sport and serves as an inspiration to aspiring chess players worldwide.

As the Games continue to unfold, chess enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the remaining competitions, where more extraordinary feats and displays of skill are sure to take place.

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