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Chinese women’s volleyball team confirms 14-man roster for World Championships – Sports – China Industry Network

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Chinese women’s volleyball team confirms 14-man roster for World Championships – Sports – China Industry Network

Original title: Chinese women’s volleyball team confirms the list of 14 players for the World Championships (theme)

The three Olympic champion members are coaching in Lie Caibin to welcome the “first test” (subtitle)

This group of articles / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Chu Peng

On September 23, the Chinese women’s volleyball team submitted a list of 14 players to the FIVB. Freeman Ni Feifan and cutting-edge setter Yu Jiarui missed the World Championships due to injuries. Olympic champions Yuan Xinyue, Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu, World Cup champions Li Yingying and Wang Yuanyuan, will become the backbone of the current Chinese women’s volleyball team. Although the World Championship lineup is not much different from the previous World Women’s Volleyball League, head coach Cai Bin said that the team has made great progress in all aspects through training camps after the World Women’s Volleyball League.

Make up for your shortcomings with high-intensity training

According to head coach Cai Bin, in the previous World Women’s Volleyball League, the Chinese women’s volleyball team achieved results and exposed many problems. During the subsequent training camp in Beilun, the Chinese women’s volleyball team made up for the shortcomings through high-intensity training. In addition to continuing to run in the existing lineup, Cai Bin inspected young players in individual positions to lay the foundation for the Paris Olympics. After the closed training camp in Beilun ended, Cai Bin decided on a 16-man lineup. The day before the opening ceremony of the Women’s Volleyball World Championships, the 14-man roster was finally released.

In the 14-man list announced by the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Olympic champions Yuan Xinyue, Gong Xiangyu, Ding Xia, and World Cup champions such as Li Yingying and Wang Yuanyuan are listed. In addition, the main attack is Wang Yunhuan, Jin Ye, Wang Yizhu, the auxiliary attack Wang Yuanyuan, Gao Yi, the supporter of Chen Peiyan, the secondaries Diao Linyu and the free man Wang Weiyi, are the first appearances in the World Championships. In the most important setter position, Diao Linyu will be on the stage of the World Championships for the first time. The 28-year-old Diao Linyu served as the main setter in the World Women’s Volleyball League this season, and has a tacit understanding with Li Yingying, Yuan Xinyue and Gong Xiangyu. Olympic champion Ding Xia is expected to continue to play in this World Championships. The veteran’s participation experience and on-the-spot performance will add more tactical changes to the Chinese women’s volleyball team.

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Before the expedition, he invited the Zhejiang men’s volleyball team to play a teaching competition

On the main offensive line, head coach Cai Bin continued to put Li Yingying in the most important position in the main offensive position. During the World Women’s Volleyball League, Li Yingying performed impeccably from offense to first pass. In Li Yingying’s diagonal position, head coach Cai Bin finally chose two Beijing teams to attack Jin Ye and Wang Yunliu. Wang Yizhu became the fourth main attack. Both Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning were sidelined due to injuries at the Women’s Volleyball World Championships. Li Yingying needs teammates to share the pressure of offense and first pass. Wang Yunhui and Jin Ye finally stood out due to their excellent defense. However, the problem of the lack of offensive ability of the two still needs to be solved by Cai Bin through on-the-spot scheduling.

In the sub-attack position, the captains Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan still occupy the main positions, while Yang Hanyu and Gao Yi serve as substitutes. Although the Chinese women’s volleyball team has a height advantage in this position, Yuan Xinyue has yet to prove that she has a blocking advantage that matches her height. This World Championship is the first time Yuan Xinyue has played as the captain, and her performance is crucial to the performance of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.

Gong Xiangyu served as the main force in the supporting position, and Chen Peiyan became her substitute. In the free agent position, Olympic members Wang Mengjie and Wang Weiyi were selected. Teenager Ni Feifan missed the World Championships due to a hand injury. Before going to the World Championships, the Chinese women’s volleyball team played a number of group competitions, and also invited the Zhejiang men’s volleyball team to play a teaching competition.

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The women’s volleyball championship will open at 0:00 on September 24, Beijing time. The Chinese women’s volleyball team in the Netherlands will have their first match against Argentina at 20:00 Beijing time on September 25. According to the group stage schedule, after the first match against Argentina, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will take a day off on the 26th, compete with Colombia on the 27th, face the old rival Japan on the 28th, face the Czech team on the 30th, and face Brazil on October 1st.


Zeng Chunlei and Liu Xiaotong’s transformation continues to contribute to Beijing volleyball

Nearly two years later, Zeng Chunlei, the Beijing women’s ranking player, reappeared in the volleyball arena. Now her identity has changed and she has become the new leader of the Beijing Auto Men’s Volleyball Team. Previously, another Beijing women’s volleyball player, Liu Xiaotong, had already served as the leader of the Beijing Auto Women’s Volleyball Team, leading the team to Zhangzhou, Fujian, to compete in the Women’s Volleyball National Championship. The two former national players have now changed their identities. The same is that they still contribute to Beijing volleyball.

Zeng Chunlei has gradually withdrawn from volleyball since getting married in 2020. After that, Zeng Chunlei went to live in Fujian, her husband’s hometown, and chose to retire in a low-key manner. In 2021, “Big Flower Bud” will be promoted to Bao Ma. In the increasingly busy parenting, Zeng Chunlei has not forgotten Beijing volleyball. A few days ago, Zeng Chunlei appeared in the training class of the BAIC Men’s Volleyball Team. She has been appointed as the team leader of the BAIC Men’s Volleyball Team. Together with her former teammate Liu Xiaotong, who is now the BAIC Women’s Volleyball Team Leader, she will continue to contribute to Beijing volleyball.

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According to Zeng Chunlei, after having a baby, her life is very fulfilling. Now that she is the team leader of the Beijing Auto Men’s Volleyball Team, she needs to start a new study. She said: “I really can’t let go of volleyball. For me, the constant is the complex of volleyball players. The difference is that it has become a race against myself. I need to further expand my work on the new track. Ability and potential, and strive to support the team and provide good service.”

The team leader is like the big housekeeper of a team. From arranging the life of the athletes to coordinating training, the team leader needs to be personally involved. In the change of identity, Zeng Chunlei is full of expectations for herself. “I’m still a novice myself, and I’m still trying to figure out how to work. I’m busy completing work every day, which is good. I can still serve volleyball in this capacity.” Zeng Chunlei said.

Now the two golden flowers of BAIC women’s volleyball team continue to fight for Beijing volleyball in new positions, which is also a blessing for Beijing volleyball. Under the leadership of Liu Xiaotong, the Beijing Auto Women’s Volleyball Team has achieved a good record in the Women’s Volleyball Championship as a new army with 10 players from the 14-man list. Zeng Chunlei works for Li Mu, assistant head coach of BAIC Men’s Volleyball Team. She said she was very fortunate and believed that she could learn more.

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