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Christianová hoped for a better result with Sweden, she still believes in revenge at the World Cup

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Christianová hoped for a better result with Sweden, she still believes in revenge at the World Cup

“We always expect more. If we don’t win, it’s never a successful game. Productivity and our unnecessary exclusions decided. If we had scored a few goals, the game could have looked completely different. But when it’s already 1:5 and we see that it’s not possible, it’s very difficult to get back into the match,” Christianová, who made 25 successful saves, told reporters.

Although the Czech team led from the 14th minute after a goal by 16-year-old Karolína Klubalová, the favorites did not allow the Czechs another goal and after a 20:3 win over Slovakia, they once again demonstrated the qualities of a team that had not lost a single match in the previous six championships and its winning streak stretched to 46 matches.

Photo: Martin FLOUSEK / www.ceskyflorbal.cz

The head coach of the Czech floorball team Lukáš Procházka with Jana Christianová in the WC match against Sweden.

“In a way, there was hope, but on the other hand, if you give the Swedes a goal, they say that you will only annoy them. I guess the lead wasn’t really crucial, we should have scored goals mainly later in the process,” Christianová declared.

Of the 40 matches the Czech Republic played against Sweden, in addition to the September win, they also drew 3:3 at the EFT in Prague in October 2008, and eleven years later they also lost 5:6 in the Czech capital after separate raids. The Czechs would like to improve their balance with them in Singapore.

“I expect the Swedes to reach the final, so the next match against them would be the final. And of course we want that. And we want to win the next match against Sweden at this tournament,” stated Christianová.

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According to her, the performances of the Czech team against the Swedes keep going up. “I think we are playing better and better with them. We can already react to their game. I think we were a balanced opponent for them, but we didn’t convert the chances. Objectively, they are the better team, but I think we can play with them,” said Christianová.

But for the selection of Lukáš Procházka to be able to conquer Sweden again, everything would have to come together in his favor. “It would have to be a 100 percent performance from everyone and especially converting chances and breaks. We had an awful lot of them, we could easily score four or five goals. We have to build on that. If we don’t score goals during this tournament, we have no chance of success. The chances that open up to us are gifts that we have to transform,” Christianová pointed out.

The Czechs beat Poland 9:3 on Sunday and will play for second position and direct progress to the quarter-finals against Slovakia on Tuesday. With the team of Czech coach Michal Jedlička, even a draw is enough for them. “The first match was very nervous on our part, today’s duel showed what we still have to work on. Against Slovakia, it will be a key match that will show if we can think higher. We want at least a medal or to the final, so this is just the beginning. The road will still be long. But I believe she will be successful,” said Christianová.

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She was happy for Klubalová’s first national team goal, who made her national team debut in Singapore and scored in the very second game against Sweden. She played the first full duel, because against Poland she entered the game only from the third period.

“It’s a very beautiful and fabulous story. She herself said that she had bought tickets, that she would fly here to watch as a fan. And finally they nominated her. It can be seen that she is a valid player even at her age. We can build on it in the future. You can see her healthy self-confidence, she has no exaggerated respect. They are fierce youngsters and the future of Czech floorball is bright. In a few years, Karolína and Anička Brucháčková will dominate here,” added Christianová.

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