Home Sports Cioffi: «Against Milan we restarted from the work done by Gotti. And I keep the performance “

Cioffi: «Against Milan we restarted from the work done by Gotti. And I keep the performance “

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The new coach prefers to look at the glass half full “I thank the staff and the club who gave me this opportunity”

UDINE. He touched the company after having rocked it for a long time and then had to chew bitter for the draw immediately in full recovery, but in the end Gabriele Cioffi he was however satisfied with Udinese’s performance.

«Beyond the result, I saw a team that runs, that fights and that wants, the answer has been there. Maybe we unwrapped the Christmas present a little early. My debut? I got an advantage because the work done by Gotti was important, so I was able to start on a solid basis.

I thank all the staff who gave me respect, trust and the club that allowed me to play the opportunity, and for sure I don’t miss a second of the day to work ».

Then, here’s the coach on the match. “When I talk about running and determination, you have to put them even more against level teams, we had prepared the game to go more on the outside and push deeply, but it is clear that we had a level team in front, albeit tired and we came from a trauma, we have lived through weeks that are not very serene and therefore it is normal that a pinch of insecurity with and without the ball brings it with you, and therefore I have to say only good to the boys. There is a lot to build ».

A thought is also for Udinese to come, from a tactical point of view. «As of today we will continue on tonight’s path, a great match was played by Deulofeu and Arslan, but the whole team satisfied me, I didn’t see anyone pull their foot back. Zeegelaar entered with attention and decent quality with the ball. Too bad for some naivety, we did some faults that we could have avoided, but you can’t have everything and then we start again without a doubt pushing on what we did well. I’m proud of the boys ».

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The critical analysis, on the Rossoneri side, is made by the coach Stefano Pioli. “I made three changes because I wanted to manage the ball faster and look for more one-on-one in the wing, then in the end we looked for Ibrahimovic a lot, and luckily we managed to catch a draw”.

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