Home Sports Cividale dominates the first round, Battistini knocks out Vigevano

Cividale dominates the first round, Battistini knocks out Vigevano

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Cividale dominates the first round, Battistini knocks out Vigevano

Coach Pillastrini’s team shows more clarity in key moments. Also in evidence Rota and Mouaha in front of the record audience of 1,650 fans

CIVIDAL. The law of PalaGesteco is not broken even in game 1 of the play – off final. The Ueb Gesteco Cividale opens the “series of dreams” in the best possible way and deservedly stops Vigevano at 65-52.

In a match made up of partials and against partials, the men of coach Pillastrini showed greater clarity and tenacity in the key moments and so in front of 1,650 fans (new season record) they took the first step towards A2. Now there are two more victories to make the dream come true.

Miani, Rota, Chiera, Battistini and Mouaha: this is the quintet chosen by coach Pillastrini for the start of the race which turns out to be very positive for the ducals. With a sharp 11-0, the result of baskets by Rota, Mouaha and two triples by Battistini, coach Piazza is forced to timeout after 3 ‘.

His men return to the right path and with a partial counter of 11-0 (including 3 shots from 3 points) bring everything back in a draw. From here on there are only 3 points scored by the ducals and 2 by the guests: so the fourth ends on 14-13. Excellent start, but captain Chiera and his teammates have to work on continuity otherwise managing the advantages becomes complicated.

At the beginning of the second fraction to move the score is a question and answer between Gatti and the “war machine” Battistini: both put 5 consecutive points that are worth 19-18. And we continue to play point to point almost until the end, when the magician Rota puts in 4 consecutive points and the young Ohenhen, struggling to rebound, finds the 28-25 which effectively closes the fourth. So far, despite a few darker moments, the Ueb has done well but as Bergamo has taught the game ends in the 40th minute.

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Upon returning from the locker rooms, the eagles try to take flight again: with Mouaha and Battistini from the arc of the three points and Miani from below in an amen we go to 36-25. Coach Piazza takes refuge in a timeout, but there is too much Ueb on the field: Rota with two triples takes the team by the hand reaching +15 (45-30). But Vigevano like Bergamo is not a team that gives up: with 6 points from Procacci gets closer, but then with a decision Cividale closes the fourth at 52 – 41.

Mercante, at the opening of the fourth and final period, tries to mend the tear (52 – 43) and Ueb begins to lose a few hits. After Cassese’s triple of 55-43, the ducals freeze and suffer a 6-0 run that brings their opponents back to -4. It is then seen, however, that the last two away matches have served, because the ducals do not lose the head and with great clarity they manage to close the challenge in the best possible way. To put the definitive seal are the couple Rota – Battistini who from the arch sign the 65-52.

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