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Clashes between Roma and Feyenoord fans in Tirana: 51 Italians repatriated

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Clashes between Roma and Feyenoord fans in Tirana: 51 Italians repatriated

Accidents in Tirana on the night of Tuesday 24 May, on the eve of the Conference League final between Rome and Feyenoord. 60 fans stopped by the police, including 48 Italians: some were traveling on a bus in which clubs, jacks and other blunt objects were found). Twelve Dutch fans stopped.

The overall toll of accidents, with clashes between fans and police, is 30 injured, all already discharged from the hospital. In particular, 20 of them are law enforcement officers, three are Italian, four Dutch and three Albanians. A policeman also returned home whose conditions were initially described as serious.

The Roma fans involved in incidents with the Tirana police last night are therefore 51 (between arrested and injured). All have already been repatriated, law enforcement sources say, specifying that these people were taken to Durres and put on a ferry leaving for Italy. The clashes between Roma fans and agents took place yesterday evening in the area near the police headquarters, about ten minutes’ walk from the Kombetare Arena where the Conference League final is being played today.

Tirana police renew their appeal to fans who already are or are arriving in the city to “avoid violence that has no connection with sport”. There are no comments on the images that CNN would have released in which an agent is seen who in an attempt to divide thugs and law enforcement agencies pulls a gun. Meanwhile, a dozen Dutch supporters, all declared “unwelcome people”, were sent home by plane.

The center of Tirana today will be closed to private traffic and the city holiday has been proclaimed with the closure of all public offices in order to create a large pedestrian area, from the center to the stadium, with carpet checks. Drinks, including beer, can be sold by the premises only in paper cups, and there are closures and heavy fines for offenders.

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