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Close a front page 2021 with a win

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This is the goal of Alto Canavese and Volpiano, authors of an extraordinary season But Saturday’s commitments are tough: the opponents are Npsg La Spezia and Visette


Ending an extraordinary 2021 with a flourish is the goal of both Alto Canavese in men’s B series and Volpianese in women’s B1.

Both Canavese teams are having a very positive season: both the Alto Canavesani and the Volpianesi are however busy tomorrow, Saturday 18 December, with opponents not to be underestimated.

Starting from the Alto Canavese, the team of coach Fabio Matteotti in the tenth and penultimate round of the first round is looking for the victory that would mean en plein in this first part of the season and above all more and more top of the standings. Still at home, Andrea Grosjacques and his teammates will meet at 6 pm at PalaCuorgnè against Npsg La Spezia, an opponent behind eleven points in the standings and equal points to Ciriè, the latest victim of the Alto Canavese.

Alto Canavese wants to win so that they can prepare themselves better during the Christmas holidays for the super challenge on Saturday 8 January in Acqui Terme, a match that will close the first round and in which the palm of winter champion will be awarded.

Tenth round in group A of men’s Serie B which will continue at 21 with Novi Ligure-Colombo Genova, Sant’Anna di San mauro Torinese-Ciriè and Collegno-Zephyr La Spezia. On Sunday 19th, the other two games will be postponed: at 17 Chieri-Acqui Terme and at 17.30 Lavagna-Cus Genova.

This the classification: Alto Canavese 27; Acqui Terme 24; Chieri 17; Npsg La Spezia, Novi Ligure, Zephyr La Spezia and Ciriè 16; Sant’Anna 10; Blackboard 7; Cus Genova and Collegno 5; Colombo Genova 3. Moving on to the women’s field, in Group A, Volpianese third in the standings, again tomorrow, Saturday 18 December, at 8.30 pm at the Pala Unità d’Italia against the Milanese delle Visette, Settimo Milanese’s team embroiled in the relegation zone.

It will not be an easy match, because the Lombard women are looking for points to recover in the standings, just as the Volpianesi also want to get the three points to follow Legnano even more closely, also taking advantage of the clash between the Lombard and the leaders Palau on the ground. Sardinian at 21. In order to win against Visette, however, Valentina Re and her teammates will have to have the maximum concentration only and exclusively against the Milanese, a young formation and for this reason very formidable. The program of the day foresees, again tomorrow, at 17 Trecate-Virtus Biella, at 19.30 Caselle-Acqui Terme, at 21 there will then be two matches Parella Turin-Orago Varese and precisely Palau-Legnano, while Sunday 19, in delay, at 17 ends 2021 with Bra-Novate Milano. This the classification: Palau 27; Legnano 23; Volpianese 20; Boxes 19; Virtus Biella 15; Parella Turin 14; Bra and Trecate 12; Visette and Acqui Terme 7; Novate Milano 6, Orago 0. –

Loris Ponsetto

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