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Clothes hanging in Naples, controversy over the ban by the Municipality. Manfredi, turn around: “They will stay”

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Clothes hanging in Naples, controversy over the ban by the Municipality.  Manfredi, turn around: “They will stay”

Naples, 16 June 2022 – Symbol of a Neapolitan spirit that has become famous throughout the world, i clothes hanging on the windows in the alleys they have become a political battleground. The attack on the Municipality was on several fronts, the subject of the dispute is the new urban safety regulation which, in one passage, prohibited “hanging or hanging linen, cloths, clothes and the like outside private places, as well as on windows, terraces and balconies overlooking the public street when this causes dripping onto the public area”. Not only clothes hanging, also banned football matches on the street e shake the tablecloths from the windows.

The mayor’s turnaround

A draft, the one with the prohibition of hanging clothes, which will have to be modified before the passage in the council for the approval of the regulation, since it was promised by the mayor himself, scourged by very harsh attacks. THE clothes spread out “will remainno doubt: they are spread out like this because in the narrow alleys of Napoli, where the heat of the sun hardly enters, only in this way can they dry. And therefore, since we i clothes we want them to dry by our citizens, I don’t think that this ordinance will never exist”, Assures the mayor Gaetano Manfredi.

Clothes hanging in the alleys of Naples: the images

The feared ban on putting on the road is being accused clothes if they provoke “drip“, from shake the tablecloths outdoorsof playing football matches and to circulate in scooter in
Umberto I and Principe galleries of Napoli. There are those who approve, but there are also citizens of all ages and admirers of Napoli and its ‘iconic’ characteristics, on a war footing: they criticize or ridicule the hypotheses that could become reality, emphasizing that there are other problems to be solved in the city.

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What happened: the controversy

A Napoli broke out there controversy about clothes spread out. Although, in a note, the Municipality specified that “the measures relating to urban decor, while necessary to restore a dignified face to the city left in total decay in recent years, do not enter the regulation on urban safety”, contained in an ordinance expiring, a real one is in progress addressed on social networks. The reason is due to the new rules that the municipal administration, led by Gaetano Manfredi, could approve: including those to prohibit hanging laundry outside balconies and windows.

In the last few hours there has been a real one tam tam against the aired hypothesis that can say enough old fashioned custom of putting the linen in the sun and to the air, become a real symbol of the city: trousers, sheets, T-shirts and tablecloths of every color that are often hung between one building and another. In the world, the alleys and narrow streets of the center, come on Spanish Quarters to Health, from Pignasecca to Cristallini, they are a real one distinctive feature also recognizable in many photographs and numerous cinematographic films.

De Magistris: “The mayor does not have Naples in his heart”

“Urban safety is a priority of this Administration. This topic alone will be the subject of a specific
regulation to be approved in the council and then submitted to the scrutiny of the competent Commissions and then of the City Council “, says Palazzo San Giacomo, but the clamor does not subside after some press indiscretions according to which, in the draft urban police regulation that should arrive tomorrow to be examined by the Executivethere would be a number of new ones

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Among the detractors the former mayor, Luigi’s Masters, for over ten years at the helm of the city “of the urchins and of Maradona”. De Magistri on the attack: “The mayor who is not there finally beats a shot – said the former magistrate – forbids to roll out the clothes on the balconies and windows of Napoli and prohibits playing football. This is his vision of the city. But Manfredi is’o ver or makes us? “. And he adds:” After the movida flop, the blows to the traders and young people, he also takes it out on the clothes lying down and with the ball. The truth is that Napoli does not go downas well as to his political leader De Luca, Professor Manfredi is getting worse and worse, you Napoli he does not know it and does not feel it in his heart and in the soul. You can see, just look at her face ”, concludes de Magistris.

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