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Club World Cup: Perugia champions!

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Club World Cup: Perugia champions!

Perugia confirms itself on the top of the world with an immaculate path.

Perugia is, for the second time in a rowthe world champion club in men’s volleyball! In the Club World Cup held for the first time in history in India, the Umbrians confirmed themselves on the top step of the podium by beating the Brazilians of Minas Itambè 3-0 in the final, the same result with which they defeated all their other rivals before. An exceptional journey for Angelo Lorenzetti’s boys, which reached its peak when they demolished Halkbank Ankara, another favorite to win the prestigious trophy, without letting their champions ever enter the match. The final in Bangalore had no history, just think that 71 minutes were enough for the Block Devils to defeat their opponents South Americans and certify a victory without any worries: it ends in celebration, with president Sirci personally placing the well-deserved medal around the neck of each of his men and Semeniuk awarded MVP due to his incredible 86% scoring rate.

Being on the roof of the world is a motto of the volcanic president Gino Sirci, character decidedly distant from the concept of low profile, who has managed to set up a real battleship over the years following his crazy idea of ​​making Perugia the epicenter of world volleyball. Over the years he has brought together sponsors and champions in series, also arousing the envy and ire of his historical adversaries with his folkloristic behavior, but in fact reaping the fruits of these efforts: this trophy is the eleventh of his management, but above all it is the second at world championship level in 12 monthswhich arrived after the bitter disappointment of missing the championship last season. Perugia reignsSirci likes to say, and the field has not denied him.

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Nobody will be able to say that Perugia won because they have Wilfredo Leon. The Cuban, naturalized Polish, considered by almost unanimous opinion to be the best player in the world, and also the highest paid in the world, was out due to an injury. And here is probably the point: Perugia did not win by fielding stickers this time, but by moving as a team, managing to integrate the characteristics of its players. We could talk about the individuals by citing the splendid work directed by Simone Giannelli, or the superlative contribution of Semeniuk (a nice revenge after the controversies and criticisms that accompanied him at the end of last season), or Plotnisky’s joke without forgetting the the reliability of expert athletes like Solè and Colaci. We could, but the truth is that this continuity of results in such an important event only comes if the team moves like an orchestra, and it is nice that in a team sport this concept emerges with this vividness.

Conducting the orchestra was an excellent maestro: Angelo Lorenzetti, who scores his second Club World Cup after the one he won in 2018, and in general enriches an already stellar list of awards, which boasts 14 trophies between Italy, Europe and the world. Lorenzetti had already won in 3 other cities, but this is his first year in Perugia, and he has assembled a team that was the reigning world champion, but at a national level had spectacularly failed in all its objectives, from the Scudetto to the Italian Cup. That of the Fano coach was a highly discontinuous choice on Sirci’s part compared to the previous ones, which saw the Umbrian president focus on former volleyball champions or high-sounding foreign names, sometimes failing to achieve objectives: Lorenzetti is a “volleyball master”, who builds his teams like a demiurge, often putting the team before the quality of the individual athlete, as this event demonstrated. Beyond the victory, we saw a different Perugia, but also last year the Umbrians fell after winning the Club World Cup: for this reason, knowing Lorenzetti, they will already be focusing on the next quarter-finals of the Italian Cup.

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Out of 18 editions of the men’s club world cup, 12 Italian clubs have won: although qualification for this tournament is decidedly questionable in terms of criteria and methods (invitations, wild cards, direct qualifications), it is a fact which, in fact, certifies that men’s volleyball, on a global level, still speaks our language. A success that comes together with the great love that is being poured into the Italian national team, the result of continuous successes, ed it is just the tip of the iceberg of a healthy and growing movement, which has now clearly overtaken basketball to become the second national sport for practitioners and spectators, and even at a youth level it continues to reap successes. A people of saints, poets, navigators and volleyball players, in short.

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