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Coach Dal Pont leaves Rugby Belluno. “It was a tough three years”

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Coach Dal Pont leaves Rugby Belluno.  “It was a tough three years”

The coach Alessio Dal Pont

The coach has communicated his decision to the two managers Bernardi and Panepinto. “I still have the regret of that last ball against Mestre, we were worth the very final”


Alessio Dal Pont will no longer be the coach of Rugby Belluno. In recent weeks the coach had taken his time and reserved the right to reflect on his future.

But after being contacted several times by the vice president Lorenzo Bernardi and by the technical assistant Francesco Panepinto, the Gialloblù coach made this difficult decision.

Regarding the succession, the company announces that «negotiations are underway. Within ten days the technical staff of the first team will be made official ».

Alessio Dal Pont explains his choice in this way.

«I didn’t agree to stay, because these three years in Belluno, one in the under 16 and the other two in the first team, have been tiring for me. I leave and the company will have to continue with its plans. I have no idea who my successor might be. In this period I met with Panepinto and, before that, with the vice president Bernardi. In this context, the company informed me that it was satisfied with the work done and that it would have liked to continue with the relationship “.

How were these two years in the first team?

«The first year in the first team we didn’t go to the playoffs due to a club mistake in which they took away five points. This year against Mestre, in the decisive match, we had the result in hand and we were defeated by a kick at the last minute, losing the necessary points to go to the final against Feltre. The balance is however positive, both from a technical point of view and as regards the human relationship with the children ».

What group does he leave to his successor?

«Technically strong, moreover it is made up of young people who have human values ​​and are comfortable together. In these two years I have seen a lot of cohesion. However, if they are good the merit is not all mine but also of my collaborators Davide Viel, Gianluca Bordin and Fabian Testor, who have given me a great help ».

Did you have a bitter taste in your mouth for something that didn’t go right?

«Certainly for the match against Mestre and, with a bitter taste in the mouth, the players have it too. It’s normal because if you look at the points scored and the points suffered, we had a good championship. It would have been nice to play the final against Feltre but if Mestre arrived at the end it means that he deserved it. My regret also concerns this year’s meeting with Altovicentino in which I made a mistake in setting up the match ».

Will he go to coach at any other club?

«There have been some proposals, but at the moment I don’t feel like training. I am continuing my activity in the Veneto Regional Committee and I hope to continue next year. I want to point out that if it were for the boys I would have continued the activity, also because I was very attached to them ».

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