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Coca Cola releases World Cup Pieces of Magic

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Coca Cola releases World Cup Pieces of Magic

In the World Cup in Qatar, which will also be remembered for the very high use of technology, Coca Cola was the partner who became the protagonist of the most advanced digital activation.

In partnership con Crypto and the digital artist GMUNKthe Atlanta brand has created a collection of 10,000 NFTs inspired by gaming actions of matches played in and around Doha by title “Piece of Magic”.

The main theme of the digital works has been taken up by heatmaps of teams’ attacks during matches, which inspired the artist in the creation of “paintings”. The brushstrokes on the works resume colors and hardness of the heat maps generated from the information available to the data centers that monitored the tenders, thus creating a collection of unique works that can be purchased through the official Crypto.com marketplace.

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