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Colleretto the check against the decisive Montanaro Zenerino

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Colleretto the check against the decisive Montanaro Zenerino

A goal from the yellow and blue to go to the second round of the playoffs Next match on Wednesday in Gassino, Morisi’s boys out


A goal signed at the beginning of the second half with a nice twist of the former Quincitava Zenerino is enough to deliver Colleretto’s 0-1 victory at Montanaro’s home and to send the yellow-blue team to the second round of the playoff this Wednesday, June 15, still away , in Gassino Torinese against Gassinosanraffaele.

In the first round of the playoffs the Montanaro had two useful results out of three, given the best position in the standings (third against the fourth place of Colleretto), while the pedanei had only to win to hope to continue the playoff race.

Race conditioned by the great heat, with the hosts also pushed by a large group of cheering fans complete with flags, smoke bombs and stadium chants that create the first chance of the match from the corner with a header from Spilla finished at the side of the 4 ‘. Colleretto who is not there and reacts and so at 12 ‘the home crowd trembles on the defensive error of the local defense, which leads Alfano to strike from a good position, but the conclusion of the attacker pedaneo does not find the mirror of the goal. Two minutes pass and the action is repeated: Alfano is good at surprising the Montanarese rearguard again and from a good position he is unable to hit the mirror of the door bordered by the three woods. At half an hour, given the great heat on Italo Giavarini, cooling break (break of 1 ‘to allow the players to regain their strength and quench their thirst), then back on the pitch for the battle. At the end of the time the Montanaro becomes more threatening with the conclusions of Distefano, whose shot on a cross by Gianluca Grosso, ends up on the bottom not by much, then Bertone kicks too centrally, favoring the comfortable intervention of Peirano. Finally, a cross shot by Gianluca Grosso dangerously crosses the whole area and passes to the bottom.

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Back from the locker rooms, Colleretto passes at the first real goal ball: action set by the metronome Menegazzi, then developed by Quilico Scagliot’s cross for the winning shot in the center of the area by Zenerino, guilty left all alone. The Montanaro at this point needs only one goal to equalize the game and take it to extra time, but Colleretto’s defense holds up well and manages to close every gap. The only real dangerous shot is a conclusion by Zorzi, who had scored the final 1-1 in the league, but this time the fate is different: the conclusion is out and Colleretto can breathe a sigh of relief. In the final minutes the Montanaro is also outnumbered thanks to the expulsion of Giorgi in midfield, a situation that complicates even more the plans of the team of the coach Morisi for the final forcing, with Colleretto who after 5 ‘of recovery can raise his hands to heaven as a sign of victory.

The first battle is won, but on Wednesday in Gassino Torinese against Gassinosanraffaele touches to play the second and, as against Montanaro, the team of president Antonio Vernetto, has only one result available: the victory at the end of regular time, or even at the additional in case of a tie after the regulatory ones. –

Loris Ponsetto

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