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Commentary – The captain of the Chinese men’s football team should not just ask for a salary in the air

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Commentary – The captain of the Chinese men’s football team should not just ask for a salary in the air

Original title: Commentary – The captain of the Chinese men’s football team should not be just a silent ending to ask for a salary

Article source: Yangcheng Evening News

Inter Milan recently won the Coppa Italia. Zhang Kangyang, the chairman of Inter Milan and Suning’s young owner, posted a celebration on social media. An unexpected scene appeared: many former Jiangsu players, including the national football captain Wu Xi, retweeted it. In addition to congratulations In addition, they all mentioned asking for salaries: “It’s not really only the efforts of foreign teams that deserve respect, right? We players and staff have been delayed for more than a year in arrears.”

The Jiangsu team won the first Chinese Super League championship in Jiangsu football history in the 2020 season, but the investor Suning announced its withdrawal after the season due to business problems, and the salaries of a group of champion players were also lost. Due to the disbandment of the Jiangsu team, although the Football Association intends to intervene to help the players to collect salaries, but the main body of the Jiangsu team no longer exists, so the Football Association also feels out of reach, and cannot handle the Wuhan team or other unpaid players who have also been publicly solicited for wages before. In the same way, the team restrains each other by setting the entry threshold for next season.

Jiangsu Football Club is a subsidiary of Suning Group. According to the “Company Law”, it has an independent legal personality and independently bears civil liabilities according to law. Therefore, Jiangsu team players cannot directly ask for salary from Suning Group. Similarly, although Inter Milan, which acquired Suning Holdings in 2016, belongs to the Suning Group like the Jiangsu team, there is no direct legal connection between the two. The players of the Jiangsu team took advantage of the opportunity of the “brother team” Inter Milan to win the championship. They want to use public opinion to get more attention, hoping to promote the process of salary discussion.

The same is the championship, the same is the two “Suning” teams, but the treatment of the players is worlds apart, which is indeed thought-provoking.

On the one hand, discriminatory treatment should be criticized, and arrears of wages also need to be held accountable. No matter how difficult the club’s operation is, the contract and the basic contractual spirit between the club and the players must be observed and respected.

On the other hand, as an industry manager, the Football Association, even if it is not an administrative agency, has limited power and is “incapable of”, it can provide necessary evidence to relevant departments when players conduct labor arbitration, and help players defending their rights. , rather than just hanging up on the grounds that “the team doesn’t exist anymore.” You must know that the attitude of the Football Association can be seen by other clubs with arrears of wages, which has a strong demonstration effect. As a result, not only may they not speed up the payment of wages within the grace period set by the Football Association, but they may It further deteriorated the wage arrears of the Chinese Professional Football League.

Finally, the Football Association also needs to see behind the inability to sustain even the new champions of the Chinese Super League, the lack of investment promotion, the lack of a good dividend system, the unreasonable and unstable schedule formulation… The move to implement the club’s gender-neutral name seems reasonable, but it is not in other interests. When the feedback mechanism is far from perfect or even non-existent, it has become the last straw that crushes the club. In the same way, he obviously charged a huge signing adjustment fee, but it was idle for various reasons, and he did not find a way to return it in time to solve the urgent needs of the club. All of these have also indirectly contributed to the current situation in which clubs in the Chinese Professional Football League cannot pay salaries and players cannot get salaries. In contrast, Serie A, where Inter Milan is located, is not as rich as the Premier League and La Liga, but the return on investment in all aspects is relatively considerable and stable, and it is much friendlier to investors than Chinese football.

Inter Milan’s championship celebration, thousands of miles away, caused Chinese players to “beg for salaries in the air”, which is somewhat dark humor. Perhaps, Chinese players, football investors and the Chinese Football Association do have their own difficulties, but players at the end of the industry chain should not be the ultimate bearers of the price, and this “salary issue” should be resolved more clearly A solution, not just a “silent ending”.Return to Sohu, see more


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