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Comprehensive news: Chengdu Rongcheng beat Shanghai Shenhua and Wuhan three towns to continue to lead_Shanghai Shenhua_Game_Second half

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Original title: Comprehensive news: Chengdu Rongcheng Lectra Shanghai Shenhua Wuhan Three Towns Continue to Lead

Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, August 17 (Reporter Chen Di) In the 13th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League, 4 matches were played on the 17th. Chengdu Rongcheng Team defeated Shanghai Shenhua Team 2:0 and won five consecutive victories; Wuhan Sanzhen Team 3 :0 defeated Henan Songshan Longmen team and continued to lead the standings.

Against the strong Shanghai Shenhua team in this round, Chengdu Rongcheng team made a fantastic start through wing cooperation. In the 12th minute, Wu Guichao fell to the ground to outflank the goal, helping the Chengdu Rongcheng team lead 1:0.

In the second half, the Shanghai Shenhua team counterattacked aggressively, but the Chengdu Rongcheng team, which tightened the defense line, did not give the opponent too many chances. At the end of the game, the Chengdu Rongcheng team had a chance to counterattack. After getting the ball in the penalty area, the high center Felipe volleyed the next goal and helped the team win 2:0.

The Henan Songshan Longmen team, which has a good record this season, failed to stop the Wuhan Sanzhen team with strong offensive firepower. Foreign aid Malkang scored a penalty kick in the 12th minute, Zhang Xiaobin and foreign aid Stanqiu each scored a goal in the second half, and the Wuhan Sanzhen team finally won 3:0.

Facing the Wuhan Yangtze River team, the Beijing Guoan team was full of firepower and won 4:1; Zhang Xizhe, Jiang Xiangyou, Zhang Yuning, and Cao Yongjing each scored a goal. The Wuhan team scored a face-saving goal at the end of the game by foreign aid Kajevic.

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In the match between the Meizhou Hakka team and the Guangzhou City team, the Meizhou Hakka team, which was one goal behind in the first half, fought back aggressively in the second half, and finally won a 2:1 reversal.

After 13 rounds, Wuhan Sanzhen Team continued to lead the standings with 12 wins, 1 draw and 37 points. Shandong Taishan Team with 33 points and Henan Songshan Longmen Team with 26 points ranked second and third temporarily. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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