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Comprehensive news: Eliminate the noise of politicization of sports and promote human unity and friendship-the Beijing Winter Olympics has been well received by people from many countries_Olympics_Winter Olympics_Sports

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Original title: Comprehensive news: Eliminate the noise of politicization of sports and promote human unity and friendship – Beijing Winter Olympics has won praise from people from many countries

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) — Various events of the Beijing Winter Olympics are underway, and the wonderful games have left a deep impression on athletes and spectators. People from many countries said that sports should not be interfered by political prejudice. The successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics eliminated the noise of politicization of sports, reflected the spirit of unity and fraternity of the Olympic movement, and expressed the common desire of mankind to pursue peace.

Olympics bring peoples together

Atakan Araftagir, president of the Turkish Ski Association, said that at the Beijing Winter Olympics, athletes compete at the sports level, hugging and greeting after the game, which is a beautiful scene. Sports should focus on solidarity, friendship and not be infested by political prejudice.

Pessala, head of the French delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics and chairman of the French Ice Sports Association, said that when athletes from all over the world come to Beijing, they are like reunited family members to participate in a winter sports event in which all human beings can participate widely. Sports have a very important influence on the future, and I hope that sports will become a link between people of all countries.

Schmitt Parr, a member of the International Olympic Committee and former Hungarian President, greatly appreciates the slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics “Towards the Future Together”, and believes that the Olympics are about peace rather than politics, and that the Olympics bring athletes together. People are united, together towards the future, that is the most important thing.

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Sharif Elrian, secretary general of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, said that politicizing the Olympics is a Cold War mentality. The modern Olympic Games transcend the boundaries of country, skin color, ethnicity, religion, ideology, etc., and connect the whole world. The international sports exchanges represented by the Olympic Games have become a bridge of friendship between people and countries.

The politicization of sports goes against the spirit of the Olympic Charter

Huang Simian, vice-president of the International Olympic Committee, said that politicizing the Olympic Games will not have any results, but will affect athletes who have worked hard for the Olympic Games for many years or even their entire lives. He said he believed the Olympics could build a bridge, not become a wall.

According to Laura Chinchilla, a member of the International Olympic Committee and former President of Costa Rica, sport can help bridge differences and maintain equality. The Olympics should not be a stage for political manipulation, and politicizing the Olympics would bring risks to this global sporting event.

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder wrote that the real victims of the politicization of the Olympic Games are the athletes who have been preparing for this for a long time. He pointed out that any attempt to use the Winter Olympics to pressure China will end in failure.

Dyuganov, chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, said that for centuries, sports have helped peoples of all countries to get closer to each other and live in harmony. The use of sport as a weapon of political pressure goes against the spirit of the Olympic Charter and is unacceptable.

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Khurshid Yunusov, executive director of the Uzbekistan Winter Sports Association, believes that politicizing sports and the Olympics is wrong and unacceptable, and the interests and rights of athletes should be put first.

The Beijing Winter Olympics embody the human desire for peace

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said sports should stay out of politics. The slogan “Together Towards the Future” reflects humanity’s desire for peace. The Beijing Winter Olympics fully follow the Olympic spirit.

Zimbabwe Olympic Committee President Tabani Gogne believes that the Beijing Winter Olympics is an opportunity to unite the world, and he opposes the politicization of the Olympics by some Western countries. Gognier said sport and politics should not be confused. Relevant countries should focus on participating athletes and help them achieve good results in Beijing. Throwing out issues that are not related to sports will only have a negative impact on athletes.

Botswana Olympic Committee President Bosan Gianniguo said sporting events should not be platforms for manipulating political issues. On behalf of Botswana and the African Olympic Movement Organization, he jointly supported the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Japan-China Friendship Association advisor Ichikura Nishizono and the association director Yagi Akira jointly wrote an article pointing out that the Olympic Games are a sports festival of peace, friendship and unity. Through sports, people come together across national, national, political, religious and ideological differences, and through deepening friendship to achieve the desire to live in peace. The success of the Beijing Winter Olympics is a victory for the Olympic spirit and a victory for peace-loving people all over the world.

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Kenyan international studies scholar Cavens Adhill wrote in an article that sports can bridge the differences between different histories, civilizations and ideologies, and enhance the friendship between countries and the unity of all mankind. The attempt to turn the Olympics into an arena of ideological and geopolitical competition runs counter to the Olympic spirit and is unpopular. I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success and the Olympic spirit will surely triumph. (Participating reporters: Chen Hao, Hu Xiaoguang, Teng Junwei, Zhang Yuliang, Bai Lin, Lu Jinbo, Tang Ji, Xiao Yazhuo, Liu Yang, Wang Lili, Wang Feng, Shadati, Cai Guodong, Wu Danni, Fan Xiaolin)Return to Sohu, see more


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