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Conference League in Tirana, Rome, José Mourinho conference

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Conference League in Tirana, Rome, José Mourinho conference

The Giallorossi coach: “Whatever happens, the season is already positive. What I feel is the same as when I was preparing for the first final, nothing has changed after twenty years”

From our correspondent Massimo Cecchini

24 maggio

Final act of the Conference League. It may be for this reason that José Mourinho has the tense face of more stormy moments. “It is a moment full of meaning, we are at the end of this season. We played four finals in four days, we won the first one and so we qualified for the Europa League, but in Turin we could not write history. For Roma to arrive in sixth place is a normal position. This final, however, is a different thing. It is already history, because it comes after so many years of absence. Therefore we must do everything possible to win. I do not believe in magic potions, but only in daily work and to the work of the staff and the team. Whatever happens, it’s a positive season for me “.


The Portuguese coach tries to divert attention from himself. “My charisma cannot make a difference. At the last game of the season the work is already done. Leadership cannot be put on the table, it is part of a process. We coaches are out, we try to help, to read the game. . For this reason, until tomorrow there will be nothing in my head. Experience does not help, I hoped it would, but what I feel is the same as when I was preparing for the first final, after twenty years nothing has changed “. Mou also cancels the superstition. “I am one of the few who are not in football and I also quarrel with the others. I don’t even care to know which shirts we will play with. I am thinking of Feyenoord, which like many Dutch teams has a great tradition.” The coach knows well how all of Albania supports Rome. “The feeling is there because we have an Albanian player: if we win, an Albanian will raise the cup”. The latest is good news. “We managed the euphoria well, we didn’t need extra tension. The goal in the league was achieved and it was the best way to think only about this final. We haven’t been out of Trigoria since Friday, I couldn’t ask the players. , but they are doing very well all the same. They have joy, concentration and the right tension. ” Credits on Mkhitaryan. “Today for the first time he trained with the team. It was a short session, but I really trust his experience of him, the sensations on his body.”

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