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Coni Fvg, the race to be commissioner has started

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The resigning president of Coni Fvg, Giorgio Brandolin

The council in Rome will decide on Brandolin’s resignation on 22 October. Politics is already agitating to place its flag

UDINE. Maneuvers, very maneuvering in place after the shock resignation of the president of the Coni of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Giorgio Brandolin. For what? Assignment free of charge, practically emptied of all “powers” after the institution by the Government of “Sport and health”, the spa that has greatly weakened the role of Coni.

But sport is visibility, glory, even if often reflected, and then in these hours while the Giunte di Fvg and Coni, that is politics and sport, are pressing on the resigning president to change his mind (difficult), others are pressing on Rome running for the role of Commissioner, often a perfect passepartout for oneself (or for others) to the liberated armchair.

And the world of politics, enticed by the unique visibility that sport can give, is in turmoil, and it is, as far as we know, a substantially bipartisan ferment tending towards the center.

Moreover, the future scenario after Brandolin’s decision motivated by the impossibility of continuing the mandate that has just begun due to the impoverishment of Coni’s range of action, is becoming clearer by the hour. The statute, in fact, speaks clearly: the resignation of Brandolin can only be dealt with by the national council of Coni which, according to the calendar, is scheduled for 22 October.

In that forum, the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò, engaged in delicate sessions of the IOC on Milan-Cortina 2026, but very well informed on the events in the region, will discuss Brandolin’s resignation which has also caused his council to fall.

No “bridge” position, perhaps to the vicar president (in this case the number one of the regional football federation Ermes Canciani), until new elections, perhaps in the spring, therefore, but, in fact, the appointment by the Coni of a commissioner, precisely the one for which politics is agitating in these hours.

And until 22 October? For ordinary administration, the fallen junta headed by vicar Canciani will take care of it. Which will be able to count on reinforcements on the way. “Sport and health”, in fact, the new body that ended up in the crosshairs of Brandolin’s fatal wrath, “returned” an employee among those inherited from Coni following the reform contested by the Fvg Committee.

A joke, a sugar, a reinforcement, the various protagonists of the story will interpret it in a different way, the fact is that on the horizon, with Brandolin closed in his bunker, a theme arises: Friuli, as desired by Ermes Canciani, is it really capable of proposing to the presidency a manager with the “fire of sport” inside and competent and not just in search of visibility and with a party etiquette?

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