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Consorzio UniVerso a great desire for events, the Park & ​​Meet at Miani is full with 42 stalls

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Vice President Paladin: “Finally we have come together, our recipe is to team up and interact between various sectors”


Unique, special, indispensable. It is the Park & ​​Meet, the trade fair event of the UniVerso Consortium which last Friday experienced its third edition, in the now usual location on the second floor of the Miani Park in Treviso. The formula, tested and functional, is known: each company registered with the Consortium has the possibility to reserve a parking space which is set up, using a company car, in a promotional stand manned by company staff, while the salesman can wander around establishing relationships , gathering information on other realities present and perhaps starting the first contacts for a future business.

The numbers say they like the formula: edition number three saw 42 stalls booked plus three other companies of the Consortium present in the role of observers. «The answer is excellent», analyzes Piergiorgio Paladin (Ideeuropee), vice president of UniVerso, «it is an important matching that gives us great satisfaction. It was since last year’s Park & ​​Meet that the consortium members no longer met physically; we did something via Zoom in the period of last winter’s closures, but nothing that could replace an in-person event. I like to record the arrival of new names, a symptom that the format is consolidated among those who already know our reality and that it also meets the favor of those companies that have recently entered our circuit ».

There is indeed optimism and the desire to network and find new business solutions is not lacking. After all, the Park & ​​Meet testifies that the pandemic is ideally behind us. «Only very few sectors or companies with major internal problems have not yet caught up with the recovery», continues Paladin, «the fact that so many people flock to such an event is proof that the economy is restarting. The real problem, if anything, is the lack of raw materials, components, situations that make it more difficult to ride the positive moment. Here, however, there is a lively and proactive atmosphere. After so many years, the Consortium’s recipe, which is to team up and promote interaction between different sectors, is more valid than ever. I always like to see the serenity of entrepreneurs who know they can count on their colleagues to develop business. Our territory has learned a lot from this type of experience but it is also true that UniVerso has taught a new way of doing business ». But the Consortium’s activity certainly does not end with Park & ​​Meet.

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In a few days, the shareholders’ meeting will elect the new Board of Directors while various ideas are ready to come out of the drawer, such as the recovery of historical initiatives such as the match between consortium members and the UniVersiadi games, without forgetting the Christmas dinner: “Christmas evening is always a special moment for everyone “, concludes Paladin,” an opportunity to get together to be together and have fun and that we missed a lot last year. But we have already booked a visit to the museum of Santa Caterina in January ». –

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