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Conte: “Sivilla subdued but for the Dolomites it is the right choice”

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Marco Conte, the sports director of the Belluno Dolomites

The ds speaks after the knockout with Levico. “Masut has no big faults on the second Trentino goal”

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The Cup as teaching in view of the debut in the league. At the Dolomiti Bellunesi they can’t wait to take the field again, so as to forget the elimination at the hands of Levico Terme. An even stronger will, considering how the opponent will be the same, among other things officially in advance on Saturday at 16 at the Zugni di Feltre.

The words of the sporting director Marco Conte follow the common thread traced the other day by the vice president Gianluigi Della Vecchia.

Director, what about your comment on the Cup challenge?

“We were expecting something different, little but sure. The feeling was that of a team that entered the field too contracted. Paradoxically, suffering the disadvantage took the tension off us and from then on we saw a good first half on our part. Unfortunately, however, we put our effort into it, making some mistakes, such as the second goal. In any case, we remain confident ».

By the way, what do you say about that network suffered?

«I don’t understand why Masut is blamed on him, who, among other things, saved a goal scored at the start and conceded a goal at 1-0 after the barrier opened. In that final episode he had the ball in his hand by now, before Georges ran into him ».

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Sivilla, the striker chosen to support Corbanese, struggled more than expected. In the summer, the decision to renounce some offensive players who were part of the Union and San Giorgio squad, such as Benedetti, Sinani or Marcolin, caused a sensation.

«He didn’t play a great match, yes. At the same time, we see him training every day and we know his value well. If on the market it was chosen to focus on him, it is because we wanted a player able to marry in the best possible way with the Cobra. We remain convinced that we have identified the right profile ».

In general, however, the over-odds seemed more on the ball than some more experienced guys: I am thinking of De Paoli, but also of De Carli himself, Toniolo and so on. Explanations?

“Maybe in their being young they feel less the pressures of this project and on Sunday they were more carefree”.

In two days, he is the second person to talk about “toning down and pretending”. Could talking about winning the championship therefore be counterproductive, considering how there are other competitors for this goal?

“I think it is up to the company to determine where the bar can be set. It is right to have ambitions and at the same time to maintain the necessary realism. In any case, the Dolomites are certainly aiming as high as possible in the standings ».

Meanwhile, De Leo has arrived, the plaything he needed.

«We wanted the player able to give the coach the possibility to vary form and way of playing. Being an over-quota of 2002, it will allow even more choice when deciding the starting elevenGIANLUCA DA POIAN

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