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Contract renewal problem!Bayern renews Koeman, and Gnabry shelved negotiations – yqqlm

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Original title: Renewal problem!Bayern renews Koeman as Gnabry puts on hold talks

The biggest headache for Bayern Munich at the moment is the renewal of the player’s contract. Originally, the outside world seemed to have begun to “give up hope” for the renewal of French star Koeman. Many media have rumored that Bayern has already looked for replacements for Koeman such as Rafinha and Anthony… However, the latest news is that Bayern has basically negotiated a contract renewal with Koeman, and is expected to officially announce it this weekend. announced.

According to news from German Sports One, the contract renewal negotiations between Bayern and Koeman have been basically completed, and he will sign a long-term contract this weekend. As for Koeman’s salary, the French “League” said in a high-profile manner that Koeman will become the third highest salary in the Bayern team after Lewandowski and Neuer, but Sports One believes that Koeman’s annual salary will exceed 1,700 after his contract renewal. Ten thousand, but this will obviously not be the third highest salary in the Bayern team. After all, in addition to Lewandowski’s 24 million and Neuer’s 20 million, the salaries of Muller, Sane, Lucas Hernandez and others are also close to 20 million. In addition, Kimmich, after the renewal, will also reach the maximum salary of 20 million. In fact, Koeman should match the salary of Gretzka (18 million) after the extension.

I finally won Koeman’s contract renewal, but according to the German”Sports Bild”, the renewal of Bayern and Gnabry seems to have entered a bottleneck period again. “Sports Bild” said that Gnabry’s current salary is only 9 million, and his agent hopes that Gnabry can get a new contract with an annual salary of more than 15 million euros. Seeing that Koeman, who had an annual salary of 8 million euros, has doubled his annual salary after the renewal, it is understandable that Gnabry has such an idea. So far, Bayern has not made a new improved offer, and negotiations are currently deadlocked. However, in the eyes of many media, Bayern executives are confident that Gnabry will sign a new contract.

Although an important player is left in each contract renewal, it seems that Bayern will “bleed”! However, the German “Bild” believes that instead of letting go of the core of the contract expiring and then spending money on new aid, Bayern might as well increase the contract renewal offer and complete the job of retaining people. The reasoning of Bild is that in the past three years, Bayern has cooperated with Gnabry, Lewandowski, Muller, Kimmich, Gretzka, Neuer, Alfonso Davies, Musiala, etc. A number of players have completed contract renewals, and these players all have large salary increases. “Bild” said that Bayern’s salary increase to retain the team’s important players is very meaningful and very affordable. If Bayern sells Koeman this summer or waits until Koeman leaves on a free transfer, then Bayern will have to invest more transfer fees to sign top players as a supplement. In addition, there will be a lot of signing fees when signing, follow-up The salary is definitely not low. Like Bayern renewing contracts with Kimmich, Goretzka and Lewandowski in recent seasons, this is a very correct approach, because it will cost a very high price to find a comparable replacement in the transfer market. There must be the original core so integrated into the team’s tactical system.Return to Sohu, see more


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