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Copa del Rey 2024 | The presentation of our correspondent from Malaga

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Copa del Rey 2024 |  The presentation of our correspondent from Malaga

The Copa del Rey reaches its 88th edition, the 41st in the ACB era, with the trophy arriving in the capital of the Costa del Sol for the fifth time, a record shared with Madrid and Vitoria. Andalusia is increasingly the epicenter of Spanish basketball: it is the third final phase in five to be held in the southern region of the peninsula (Malaga 2020, Granada 2022) in addition to the 2022 Seville SuperCopa.

There is great anticipation for the event most loved by the Spanish public with at least 7,500 spectators expected to join the local fans for a Carpena that has been sold out for some time. 151 countries connected from every corner of the world (excluding Italy) with the possibility of audio in English.

Unicaja in search of the back to back only managed by Real Madrid and Barça having to challenge the “maldición of the host” and lift the trophy at home, a feat that has not been achieved for 21 years.

Thursday 15 February 2024


Kicking off the proceedings will be the intriguing match between Madrid and Murcia with the Blancos looking for revenge after the 73-61 defeat in the championship. Whoever wins will close a cycle: Madrid hasn’t lost a quarter since 2013 while the university team have never been beaten in the first round in their two previous participations. Mateo’s team presents itself in full force, recovering Llull and Tavares after a month’s stop; Sito Alonso will have to do without Birgander and Ludde. Great expectations for the former Campazzo, seen with the Murcia shirt from 2015 to 2017, and for Ennis in a moment of sensational form. ACB coaches and sporting directors give the Blancos winners with 95% of the votes.

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Taronja looking for redemption after the disappointing last two participations which ended with an elimination in the quarterfinals. Mumbrù’s men will face Gran Canaria, who emerged victorious from
La Fonteta 79-86 in the last round of the first round, guaranteeing the top seed in the draw. Both teams come to the Copero match fresh from two bad matches with the Canarians coming out heavily defeated in Palencia (last in the standings) and the Valencians never playing in Bilbao. Full roster for Lakovic; for the taronja Tourè is absent while they hope for the recovery of Lopez-Arostegui and Davies. Former evening players Shurna (2015-16 season) and Inglis, who arrived in the Turia capital in the summer. ACB coaches and sporting directors give the winning amarillos with 55% of the votes.

Friday 16 February 2024


Barça is looking for Copa number 28 to join Madrid in the roll of honour, taking away the title of Rey de Copas. Third meeting between the two Catalan teams in the Copa with a 1-1 result which gives good memories to the Manresa fans given that the ’96 victory in the final made them champions. Same score this season with Pedro Martinez’s men able to beat the Palau Blaugrana in the first round only to lose in the last round played. Among the ranks of Grimau’s men, the absence of Abrines is likely, while Rubio will travel with the team, having recently returned to the squad of Scariolo’s Selección. ACB coaches and sporting directors give Barça the win with 85% of the votes.

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Re-edition of the Badalona final which saw the Andalusians win the trophy for the second time. Unicaja is called to the difficult task of winning the Copa as host team, breaking a curse that has lasted for 21 years. In the championship, the season’s results look good for Ibon Navarro’s men: the result on the first day was 98-75. On Friday evening Huertas will join Creus, Middleton and Reys in the small circle of players aged at least 40 who participate in a Copa with the dream of being the first to win it at this age. ACB coaches and sporting directors give the Andalusians the winners with 85% of the votes.

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