Home Sports Coppa calls Rugby Feltre together and thinks about the transfer market. “A couple of gaps need to be filled”

Coppa calls Rugby Feltre together and thinks about the transfer market. “A couple of gaps need to be filled”

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Coppa calls Rugby Feltre together and thinks about the transfer market.  “A couple of gaps need to be filled”


Rugby Feltre has resumed training, for that phase of preparation that in the world of the oval ball is defined as pre-season and develops after the break, which follows the conclusion of the championships, but arrives before the break, which anticipates the start of the actual preparation, which for the grenade will be starting from 23 August.

Federico Coppa and his staff will concentrate the work on technique, with a weekly session on the pitch, while in the gym the team will work three times a week, with well-defined programs, under the watchful eye of Andrea Sartor.

The coach who signed the very recent promotion to Serie B has summoned all the “eligible” players in the next championship, ie those who were part of the group that won the final against San Marco, to which are added those born in 2005.

“We start again, with enthusiasm, looking at the new experience that awaits us”, explains Federico Coppa. «During the month of July we will carry out one training in the field per week, which will be used to train the skills, stay together, maintain the confidence that was created during the spring. The physical work will be done in the gym, with three sessions a week, which the boys will carry out independently ».

The promotion to Serie B will entail a significant increase in commitment, because physically the championship requires greater athleticism and physicality, which is why the technical staff of Rugby Feltre, which will again make use of Simone Canton, Andrea Zannin and Stefano Zatta, has decided to reconnect in July the thread broke with the third half of the victorious final against San Marco.

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«The goal of this phase is to entertain the team while training. There will be moments of in-depth analysis, for example with the interventions of Filippo Filippetto for the pack. So far I have had interviews with the guys who play in scrum roles and I will continue hearing everyone’s availability for the next season, I will obviously compare myself with the trocar and also with those guys who are now in the middle of their final exams and who could moving away from Feltre to attend university. Now I wanted to see them again, go back to being together, have fun ».

Meanwhile Rugby Feltre is looking to strengthen the team in the roles that will presumably be most subject to pressure, during the B.

«The club is moving, because we aim to play a championship without too much suffering. We have to fill a couple of shortcomings in pink, which we know. We need help and greater depth in those roles that historically, in terms of numbers, have been found to be deficient for us. President Aspodello is well advanced in his research and we are confident ».


These are the players called up for the pre-season of Rugby Feltre: Giorgio Aspodello, Pietro Aspodello, Filippo Bellani, Jean Bellumat, Nicola Bertagnin, Riccardo Bilesimo, Christian Bona, Matteo Cappelletti, Valerio Conti, Giacomo Conz, Leonardo Corso, Filippo Da Lan, Giovanni Dalla Rosa, Pietro Dall’Agnol, Simone De Carli, Matteo De Boni, Geordie Della Dora, Gabriel Domeneghetti, Alessandro Fent, Matteo Fent, Enrico Francescato, Francesco Funario, Carlo Gallon, Andrea Garlet, Francesco Garlet, Nicola Girardini, Alessio Martella, Yuma Martinato, Enrico Perotto, Augusto Piccolin, Francesco Rech, Gabriele Righes, Matteo Roldo, Andrea Sartor, Alberto Sommariva, Salvatore Stefani, Massimiliano Tonon, Pietro Tranquillin, Davide Zabot, Thomas Zannini.

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