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Coppa Italia, Juve-Lazio 1-0: goals from Bremer and the Bianconeri in the semifinal against Inter

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Coppa Italia, Juve-Lazio 1-0: goals from Bremer and the Bianconeri in the semifinal against Inter

The match was decided by a goal from Bremer at the end of the first half, following a mistake by Maximiano. For Sarri’s team only one shot on target, from a free kick

A quiet but solid and focused Juve overcame Lazio in the quarterfinals of the Italian cup gaining access to the semifinals and therefore the double challenge with Inter. Match winner of the match is Bremer, with a header from Kostic’s cross in the 44th minute, thanks to an insane outburst from Maximiano. The temptation became reality: Vlahovic and Chiesa returned to the field from 1′, and for the first time in the black and white shirt they played together, different twins, friends off the pitch as well as accomplices on the pitch. But in addition to the launch of a couple that has finally taken shape, Juve also had to record an absence that is getting heavier: Pogba, the victim of flexor soreness. Among the Bianconeri, the Brazilian defense is back, as well as Cuadrado starting on the right. The Lazio of the former Sarri starts again from the trident, with Immobile ram between Felipe Anderson and Zaccagni. In the middle is Vecino and not Milinkovic-Savic, on the bench next to Luca Pellegrini, a former Juventus player who landed at Lazio in the transfer market session that has just ended.

Maximiano is wrong, Bremer is not

The first half is a long phase of study: cautious and buttoned-up teams, Juve does something more forward, being very careful not to find themselves behind given the recent bloody precedents (10 goals conceded in the last three games). Chiesa tries more than once for Vlahovic, but the potentially best crosses are those of a revived Kostic, who in the 15th minute tries and finds personal action and a near goal, thwarted in extremis by a diving Maximiano. Before the advantage, it will be the clearest opportunity for Juve, together with a header from Rabiot, also caught in the area by Kostic, who however ends too centrally to worry the Lazio goalkeeper. Sarri’s team shows up near Perin with only Felipe Anderson, who narrowly misses the goal in the 33rd minute. For the rest, on the Lazio side there is a lot of control of the territory and very few restarts, but also on the black and white side there is a lot of dribbling and little verticalization: Chiesa is triggered only a couple of times, Vlahovic is in full running and does not have the polish of better days. In the 44th minute, however, the balance was broken by Maximiano’s exit with a vote, for a change on a cross from Kostic, and by Bremer’s header which he supported on the net. It’s 1-0.

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Energia Kean

The second half sees Lazio immediately with Pedro in place of Immobile and then with Milinkovic-Savic for Vecino, but above all bold in pushing to recover the disadvantage. A situation that widens their shirts and is therefore congenial to Juve, who try the lunge with greater continuity than in the first half. However, the danger rate of the two teams remains low. In the 50th minute Cataldi scored the first Lazio shot on goal with a free kick, Perin was careful. Juve responds with the same staid calm seen in the first half. The additions of Kean and Miretti in place of Vlahovic and Fagioli, in the 64th minute, bring a breath of liveliness to the match, with Maximiano blocking a shot by Kean with difficulty, who was launched into the area at speed. Lazio insists but does not scratch, Juve aims to put the match to sleep. Among the various substitutions, Di Maria relieved Chiesa in the 78th minute. But the substance of the match does not change, with a globally more enterprising Juve and a very ineffective Lazio.

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