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Corbanese, Uncle Mario’s bomber DNA. “Even as a child he lived for the goal, but he’s much stronger than me”

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Simone Corbanese with his uncle Mario

The former striker of Sedico, San Giorgio, Cavarzano, Ztll, Schiara and Castion tells about his nephew after the hat-trick scored with the Belluno Dolomites

Like uncle, like nephew. And how Mario Corbanese scored, at the time he played. The classic center forward, to which you could not even grant half a meter of freedom in the last sixteen meters. The defenders of the time remember it very well. ..

A journey that began in the Schiara youth academies, before moving to Toni Rosso’s San Giorgio. With the historic team from Lebanon, his production numbers soar upwards and there are many who want to. He accepts the proposal of the Sedico in Excellence, where he is paired with another provincial football striker. Let’s talk about Mauro De Bon, of course.

In Mario Corbanese’s career there will also be Cavarzano, Ztll, Castion and Schiara, before the Csi at the Sedico Gardens. But why are we telling you this story? Well, for those who do not know … Mario is the uncle of Simone Corbanese, the forward ready to break any sort of record in the province and beyond. The hat-trick on Sunday of the captain of the Belluno Dolomites at San Martino Speme must be entered in one of the now countless dream days experienced by the 1988 bomber. the Dolomites without Corbanese. There was a risk during the summer market months, thank goodness the provincial team did not see the Cobra go away. On the total career scoring we are instead over 200. The opposing coaches are now joking about: “After ten years we still haven’t figured out how to stop Moscow and how not to let Corbanese score.”

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Extreme and truthful summary, anyone who knows the D knows it well. But who knows if it all started when the child Simone admired Uncle Mario inflating the opponent’s goals. Of course, he took a completely different path from his father Valter, an old-fashioned defender, just as Simone’s younger brother Andrea plays for the central defensive player.

“In fact, I must have passed on some of the bomber DNA to him,” smiles Uncle Mario. «On the other hand, when you identify yourself perfectly in a role, you never change. And Simone from an early age was good at scoring. He always did. And it continues, even now ».

To the eye it will continue for a long time. But who is stronger between you two?

“Him, without a doubt. Score avalanches of goals in Serie D, semi-professional category. As for the characteristics, they are similar I would say. Well, maybe I was playing more the role of the nine in the penalty area, while Simone varied a lot on the offensive front. I was certainly not as good on the header as he was, on the contrary, I managed very well when I had to kick with a left foot. But he too is good with the booster foot, so he always beats me! Several years have passed, over time the ways of training have undergone a development, the coaches ask for different things ».

When are you happy with Simone’s journey?

“Very, very much. He has always given his all, in every match and in every training session. He could also have found luck in some higher category, but in football there are always particular dynamics ».

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Is it strange to see him take the field this year with a different shirt from that of Belluno?

“The stories change. For example, I was very attached to San Giorgio, but the team that joined in the summer in the Belluno Dolomites was no longer the formation of the Lebanese spearmen in which I had played. In my day it was a real group of local friends, then over the years the players started to arrive from outside. Returning to Belluno, it is undoubtedly striking not to know that he is the bomber of the Gialloblù team. But now there is a new story ».

Two wins and one draw in the last three. Is it finally the moment of the Dolomites that was expected?

«I have seen three games live and it is clear, we need to find the amalgam. It feels like not having more experienced players like Bertagno or Masoch, because now the over-odds occupy delicate roles. But the young people in pink have qualities. If the group manages to find the square … ».

Also because goals are never a problem if you have a Corbanese in the squad.

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