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Coronavirus Italy today: Covid bulletin and data from 17 September. Contagions in the regions

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Rome, 17 September 2021 – Daily appointment with the bulletin on the Coronavirus in Italia con i data from Ministry of Health e Civil protection its Covid contagion, dead, hospitalizations e terapie intensive. The pandemic situation in Italy seems to be improving: according to the Gimbe Foundation all the indicators have fallen in the last seven days and according to the first advances of the weekly monitoring of the Institute superior health care are falling both theindice Rt both theincidence of cases every 100 thousand inhabitants. And the occupancy rates of the ordinary and resuscitation wards also drop slightly at the national level. However, these last three indicators exceed the limit threshold in Calabria, which then looks set to pass in yellow zone, where there is already Sicily. They remain in white area instead all the other regions, including the Sardinia that she had been at risk for the past few weeks.

Yellow zone rules: what changes and what can be done

Vaccinated but already in quarantine. “Isolate only positive pupils”


Meanwhile, yesterday was the decisive day for the extension of the green pass at work: green certification since October 15 it will be mandatory for all public and private workers (including colf, baby sitter, VAT numbers and workers who offer their services occasionally). The doubts related to the validity and the cost of tampons, which will be offered at a controlled price, et al dismissal, which as specified by the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, it will not be linked to the penalties for not possessing the green pass. However, there are still some knots to be solved by mid-October, first of all, how the controls, entrusted by the Government to employers.

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Self-declaration: why is the Green pass decree not valid in Parliament?

We will publish here, as soon as they are available, the updated data from the Ministry of Health and the Pdf table

In Tuscany today there are 494 new cases on 18,241 tests, of which 8,705 molecular swabs and 9,536 rapid tests. They also register 9 dead and 650 healed. In the last 24 hours, the rate of new positives reaches 2.7% of the total tests and 7.7% in relation to new diagnoses. Slight increase in hospital pressure: there are a total of 402 hospitalized in Covid areas (four more than yesterday), of which 48 in intensive care (two fewer). Since the beginning of the emergency there are 278,581 confirmed infections, 262,919 recoveries and 7,095 deaths. In terms of quarantines, based on data collected by health authorities, asymptomatic and mildly ill patients in home isolation drop to 8,165 (-169), while people under active surveillance increase to 11,666 following contacts with infected cases (+15)

I am 463 the new cases of Covid in Veneto, where they also register four deaths in the last 24 hours. Currently positives are decreasing (12,456, -88 compared to yesterday), but hospitalizations in ordinary wards are increasing, which are 265 (+4), and the number of patients in intensive care by 7 units (57).

Today in Puglia 13,482 tests have been recorded for Covid-19 coronavirus infection and 175 positive cases, besides there have been 5 deaths. Currently there are 3,246 positive people, 176 are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 19 in intensive care. Overall, since the beginning of the emergency, the total cases are 266,881 compared to 3,510,485 tests performed, 256,871 people recovered and 6,764 those who died.

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In South Tyrol, 63 new cases, in Molise are 8 and 34 in Basilicata. L’Abruzzo records 81 positives and zero deaths.

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